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Short Summer Courses for Adults in BC area, Canada

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Quest University Canada Summer Scholars:
Located in Squamish, BC (one hour from Vancouver), Quest University Canada is Canada's first independent, not-for-profit, nonsectarian university of the liberal arts and sciences. Join us for our "Renew Your Quest" summer program for adults from July 7th-12th, 2013. You'll get to experience the intellectual electricity of a Quest seminar, and enjoy the spectacular natural setting of our campus, staying in our condos and eating both on campus and at local stops of interest. We will offer academic courses from 9am to noon each day. In the afternoons and evenings you will be free to explore our beautiful local area or participate in guided hikes, excursions, and optional activities including lectures and discussions of educational philosophy and pedagogy

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Renew Your Quest - An Intellectual Summer Retreat for Adults July 7th - 12th, 2013

Course Options:

Infinity, Certainty and Knowledge:
There is no mathematical prerequisite for this course.
Perhaps nowhere has the idea of absolute truth been deemed more achievable than the revered academic stronghold of mathematics, the subject that Plato called "the highest form of pure thought." The promise of mathematics to answer all mysteries of the universe, however, is called into serious question when one begins to examine certain hard-to-notice subtleties of the subject. Indeed, in the past two centuries, the keen eyes of several mathematicians, philosophers and scientists have discovered a host of irresolvable paradoxes and conundrums in mathematics, lurking in the cracks of ideas such as infinity, language, and the very nature of logic itself. Together we will explore these ideas and their philosophical implications, and attempt to understand the nature of certainty and knowledge and how they live for us in the modern age.

Political Language, Media, and Political Thinking
Combining classic texts in political theory, media and communication studies, and linguistics, this course will help us come to grips with the variety of ways politicians, pundits, and experts direct public opinion in Canada and the United States. We will do so through engaged discussion, short multimedia presentations, participatory classroom activities, and collaborative facilitation. What role has media played in politics and how has this changed? How do politicians employ and deploy words to achieve their objectives? How do North Americans think about politics? These are the central questions in this course. We will examine whether or not "the medium is the message" and how messages are conveyed in modern political discourse.

The Dynamic Geology of the Sea to Sky Corridor
LIMIT: 14 students. No geologic background is required, just a willingness for adventure.
Embedded in rock outcroppings and magnificent mountain vistas along the Sea to Sky Corridor is a remarkably complex and dynamic geologic story. The goal of this course is to write a script for that tale by investigating the major geologic events that shaped the landscape. We will collect our evidence during a series of field excursions to answers questions such as: Why do the lava flows on the way to Whistler take unique columnar shapes? How can the Stawamus Chief tell us the Quest campus was under ice during the last glaciation? Garibaldi volcano: imminent danger or sleeping beauty? What will it really take for Squamish to flood?

How to clone genes, manipulate DNA, and map gene expression:
Note that this course assumes no prior knowledge of cell, genes, or molecules.
In this laboratory course, students will learn the basic biology of DNA and how it relates to the functioning of organisms. The goals of the course are to have students become functioning experimental molecular biologists, and to acquire the knowledge necessary to understand the fascinating field of molecular biology as it applies to genomics project, antibiotic resistance, evolution, and genomic medicine. We will conduct a variety of experiments, including isolating our own DNA, mapping gene expression in rodent brains, and gene cloning and manipulation in bacteria.

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Address: Squamish, North Vancouver, BC , Canada
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Ikoma Abacus Learning, Vancouver BC
Courses / Programs
We will open through the summer !!

Soroban helps build self-confidence and strengthens children’s ability to think critically and creatively. Children start as early as Kindergarten. The Soroban method helps one easily understand number concepts and is a comprehensive system for embracing concepts and high achievement in mathematics.

The use of the Soroban abacus uses a left to right calculation method, which makes quick estimation and rounding off possible. It improves the understanding of compounded numbers (the Soroban uses supplementary numbers for 5 and 10). The Soroban visually shows the concepts of decimal places and the progression of units by tens. The Soroban develops not only greater mental capacity, but mental calculation, which is the ultimate resource.

Japanese children proficient in the Soroban (Japanese parents often send their children to Soroban tutors for training) can eventually visualize the Soroban in their minds and do high level arithmetic without the aid of any calculating tool. The Soroban instantly accomplishes addition and subtraction when you placed the numbers on the abacus.
SOROBAN, ABACUS in Vancouver.
Updated: 2020-03-22
Updated: 2020-03-22
NSL Mondial, French Summer Camps in Quebec City
Courses / Programs
• Surrounded and encouraged by native French speakers, your son, daughter or loved one can enjoy a wonderful French language immersion experience in the province of Quebec in summer 2019!

• NSL Mondial is a highly-experienced facilitator of intensive language camps for children and teenagers from Canada, the U.S., and around the world. Contact us today for information on the range of fun, educational French language and activities summer programs available in Quebec City.

• The capital of Canada's Quebec province, Quebec City truly is a beautiful city located at the mouth of the wonderful St. Lawrence Seaway, just 145 miles / 2.5 hours by car, bus or train north east of Montreal.

• As a UNESCO historical location and one of the oldest European-style cities in North America, this very charming, tourist-friendly summer holiday destination offers students a true French-speaking environment as well as rich Canadian history and culture, and magnificent architecture.

• Quebec City is easily reached by international students and families, and is served by Jean Lesage International Airport.
French Immersion Summer Camps in Quebec City:
• Runs from June 10 to August 2 2019.
• For Juniors / High School Teens ages 10 to 17 years old.

Language Camp choices with Sports Activities:

1. French Immersion Multi-Activity Camp
2. French & Music Camp
3. French & Dance Camp
4. French & Circus Camp
5. French & Tennis Camp
6. French & Hockey Camp
7. French & Equestrian Camp
8. French & Soccer Camp

Accommodation: Nearby residence or homestay with a local host family.
Byte Camp, Vancouver
Courses / Programs
If you are searching for a quality computer camp in the Metro Vancouver area, Byte Camp may have the ideal solution for you! We provide a range of video game design, 3D animation, and movie production camps for kids and teens (ages 9-12 and 11-14) in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Coquitlam / New Westminster / Burnaby area. In addition, we offer our summer tech camps on Vancouver Island, and in Calgary AB.

Byte Camp is the busiest Tech Camp provider in Western Canada! We are a non-profit organization that is devoted to inspiring new Creative Technology skills in youth...and having fun at the same time!
Summer Tech Camps for kids & teens (ages 9-14)

- Animation3- Intro to Animation
- Lights! Computer! Action!
- 2D Animation on Tablet
- Claymation Movie Production
- Music and Video Production
- 2D Video Game Design
- 2D Video Game Design - Level 2
- 3D Animation
- 3D Animation - Level 2
- 3D Video Game Design
Quest University Canada, Squamish, BC
Courses / Programs
Located in Squamish, BC (one hour from Vancouver), Quest University Canada is Canada's first independent, not-for-profit, nonsectarian university of the liberal arts and sciences. Our Summer Scholars program is a pre-university summer program for exceptional high school students (Grades 10 - 12). The program runs over three weeks and consists of one-week courses on a variety of topics. Students can choose to attend for one, two, or three weeks. The program is available as a residential program or a day camp for local commuters.

Our Summer Scholars program is designed to inspire the next generation of thinkers and leaders. You will experience a week of engaging in an academic course in the mornings, and participating in related social and recreational activities in the afternoons and evenings. You will explore the local area through excursions and hikes, choose workshop projects in media including graphic design, photography, and videography, and have optional activities from bouldering to yoga to ultimate frisbee.
Summer Scholars program is a pre-university summer program for exceptional high school students (Grades 10 - 12):

Week 1 Academic Course Options:
- Myths of Psychology
- Water Scarcity

Week 2 Academic Course Options:
- Why Words?: A Look at Language Acquisition
- The Dynamic Geology of the Sea to Sky Corridor

Week 3 Academic Course Options
-From Models to Measurement
-River Restoration

Students can attend this program for one, two, or three weeks. It is available as a residential or day summer camp.
Edu-inter Summer Language School in Quebec
Courses / Programs
• Experience true French language immersion in the beautiful city of Quebec in east-central Canada!

• Edu-inter offers summer French immersion programs for adults (16+), French language teachers and teenagers from around the world. 2018 will be the 13th year that we will hold our French Summer Program.

• We aim to provide our students with the highest quality French language classes combined with excellent cultural and recreational activities.

• Located 1.5 hours flight from Toronto, Ontario, Quebec is the only major city in Canada that offers a 100% French-speaking environment which makes it the ideal place to learn French.

• Edu-inter summer French programs for adults consist of morning French classes and a variety of afternoon workshops as well as our outstanding extra-curricular activities program.

• You can build your own summer French course by combining your morning French classes and the afternoon workshops of your choice.

• You can even mix the courses from week to week. Our French classes are taught at seven levels - from beginner to advanced.

Student Review:
"Edu-inter offers a great program that not only helps you learn the French language, but introduces you to the Quebecois culture as well."
- Joe, Canada
Summer French Courses for Adults (16+)

• Create your own program by combining morning French classes with your choice of afternoon workshops and activities.

Options include:
• French for Teachers (1-4 weeks)
• French & Cooking (1-7 weeks)
• French & Dramatic Arts (1-6 weeks)

Summer French Courses for Children & Teenagers (ages 10-17)
• French & Multi-activities
• French & Music
• French & Dance
• French & Dramatic Arts
• French & Hockey
• French & Horse Riding
• French & Soccer
• French & Tennis
• French & Circus
• French & Cooking
Kaplan International
Courses / Programs
Kaplan International, in partnership with Pacific Language Institute (PLI), offers summer English courses for adults in our two English schools in Canada, centrally located in the world-class waterfront cities of Toronto and Vancouver.

We offer Vacation English programs which are ideal for people who want to combine English language classes with a holiday in Canada.

In addition to our Vacation English courses, we offer summer and year-round courses including: General English, Intensive and Super-Intensive English, Diploma in Business Communication, Exam preparation for the Cambridge and TOEFL exams and Academic English.
ESL programs in summer include:
- General English
- Vacation English
- Intensive English
- Super-Intensive English
- TOEFL and Academic English
- Cambridge Exam Preparation
- Diploma in Business Communication
- Homestay program with local Canadian host family