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Summer Tech Camps in Canada

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Byte Camp, Vancouver:
If you are searching for a quality computer camp in the Metro Vancouver area, Byte Camp may have the ideal solution for you! We provide a range of video game design, 3D animation, and movie production camps for kids and teens (ages 9-12 and 11-14) in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Coquitlam / New Westminster / Burnaby area. In addition, we offer our summer tech camps on Vancouver Island, and in Calgary AB.

Summer Tech Camps for kids & teens (ages 9-14)

Animation3- Intro to Animation
For Grades 3-7, this course consists of 7 x 1hr sessions
Explore the world of animation this summer! You will learn about Stop-Motion and Claymation to Vector/2D Animation as well as 3D Animation. With an emphasis on hands-on training, students learn how these creative processes are used to make some of the movies and TV shows and movies they love. Using your new skills, you will then create your own short animation clips. Student work is posted on-line and handed out on USB at the end of the program.

Lights! Computer! Action!
Course Duration: 4/5 days, 9am-3pm
Gain an excellent introduction to Video Editing and Movie Special Effects! In this summer camp, you will shoot your own videos and master wild special effects. You will learn the secrets of Hollywood's special effects, including Green Screens, Rear-Projection, and Animated CGI Characters. You will then incorporate these new skills in your own cool and unique music video.

2D Animation on Tablet
Course Duration: 4/5 days, 9am-3pm. For 9-12 year olds.
In this course, we will teach you how to create beautiful animations as wild as your imagination. Turn your drawing skills into awesome animation skills on our tablets. You will learn to storyboard, draw and edit your very own production!

Claymation Movie Production
Course Duration: 4/5 days, 9am-3pm. For 9-12 year olds.
In this summer camp, you can make your own clay characters come to life, just like Wallace and Gromit! You will get to build your own claymation characters, sets and props; you will learn to develop your own script; shoot your movie scenes; and then learn to edit and add special effects and sounds to complete the whole project.

Don't worry parents, there will be plenty of time devoted to outdoor activities and games! Your final projects will be posted on-line and handed out on take-home USB. 

Music and Video Production
Course Duration: 4/5 days, 9am-3pm. For 9-12 year olds. No music or video experience necessary.
In this summer program, you will make your own music and music video! Use amazing software tools to craft your very own song from scratch. Camp time will be split between digital music composition, video filming and editing.

If you play an instrument, you can bring it to camp to record yourself and add a digital backup band. Experiment with video and editing techniques to make the video as cool as your tune, and learn how to add special effects too! 

2D Video Game Design
Course Duration: 4/5 days, 9am-3pm. For 11-14 year olds.
In this summer game design camp, you create your own wacky characters, cool game play and fun levels in your very own online game! You will start the week making short animated films. Each day, you will be taught new programming skills to help you to make the animations interactive. Lots of time during the week is devoted to outdoor activities so that you are fresh for new challenges. The final project is a video game built from scratch that will go online! 

2D Video Game Design - Level 2
Course Duration: 4/5 days, 9am-3pm. For 11-14 year olds. Byte Camp's Flash Video Game Design course is a prerequisite.
If you have already made your first video game in our Flash Video Game Design camp, and would like to improve your Flash skills even more, this camp could be perfect for you! You can choose to work on your old game or start something new. We'll explore cool tricks for intelligent bad guys, high scores, projectile firing and anything else you'd like to try. 

3D Animation
Course Duration: 4/5 days, 9am-3pm. For 11-14 year olds.
Ever wonder how those awesome 3D animated movies like Toy Story, Shrek, and The Incredibles are made? Spend the week learning how by modeling, animating and telling your own stories in 3D. You'll use wonderful (& free!) 3D software to design characters that jump off the screen and then make them come alive by adding soundtracks, voices, and completing your own animated short film. Final projects will be posted online and handed out on take-home USB sticks.

3D Animation - Level 2
Course Duration: 4/5 days, 9am-3pm. For 11-14 year olds. Byte Camp's 3D Animation course is a prerequisite.
Are you comfortable making basic character animations in Blender and ready for new challenges? Learn custom lighting, character rigging, advanced modelling and animation techniques. You can choose to bring something from home or start something new. 

3D Video Game Design
Course Duration: 4/5 days, 9am-3pm. For 11-14 year olds. Byte Camp's 3D Animation course is a prerequisite.
Create your own 3D Video Game! Using a great, free 3D Game Engine, you can invent your own digital worlds levels, adventures and quests. You will learn to program custom gameplay and interactions, customize terrain, and even customize the game models for your own one-of-a-kind game.

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Address: 544 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, BC V5L 4E2, Canada
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Ladysmith;   Coquitlam, BC;   Richmond;   Surrey;   Vancouver;   Vancouver, BC;   and more.
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NSL Camps - National School Language Camps, Ottawa
Courses / Programs
• Based in Ottawa, Canada's national capital, NSL Camps is one of Canada’s leading English language summer schools for juniors and high school students.

• We specialize in beginner to advanced level English summer camp programs for children and teenagers ages 8-19, as well as a Parent and Child Summer Camp Experience.

• With 1 to 6 week courses, students can choose our Summer Camp option (20 classes per week), or the Summer Immersion with Leadership course (30 lessons per week).

• Day camps and overnight options are available (homestay with local host family or in a residence organized by NSL).  

• Held on the campus of Saint Paul University in Ottawa, our course options are fully staffed by highly-qualified instructors.

• With over 30 different nationalities attending each summer, our students have the unique and exciting opportunity to improve their English language skills while making lots of international friends.

• Accredited by Ontario Camps Association, NSL Camps’ English programs use a specialized curriculum based on a communicative approach.

• Through real-life situations, students quickly learn to speak English in a natural and progressive manner.

• NSL Camps also offer English programs for juniors & teenagers in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, & Whistler.

Parent Testimonial:  
"Thank you for your excellent service and good English teaching method. My 3 children have participated for two summers and their school marks in English have increased by 20%.”  
Summer English Camps:
• For children & teenagers ages 8-12 & 13-19
• 1 to 6 week stays
• Day Camp / Homestay options
• 20 lessons per week
• Fun afternoon activities

Summer English Immersion with Leadership:
• For students ages 13+
• 1 to 6 week stays
• 30 lessons per week
• Day Camp or Homestay options
• Activities & excursions

Parent and Child Camp:
• English programs & accommodation for children & parents.

Courses feature optional weekend trips to Montreal, Canada's Wonderland, Niagara Falls, Water Park, Zip lining, and more.
Updated: 2019-02-28
Updated: 2019-02-28
Sol Schools Toronto
Courses / Programs
Sol Schools Toronto offers high-quality, all-inclusive holiday study programs in Toronto, Canada for young learners. Our Children's Adventure Program (CAP) is designed for children ages 7-13 (inclusive) and our Teenage Adventure Program (TAP) is designed for teenagers ages 14-17 (inclusive). These residential summer programs combine English classes with fun excursions and social activities, which makes it the perfect choice for holiday students.

Students spend the mornings in an intensive English program with our dedicated and experienced team of teachers. In the afternoons, evenings and on weekends, students can participate in sightseeing excursions, educational outings and sports activities that are arranged and supervised by our energetic staff of activity counselors.

In our Junior Programs, students are encouraged to learn independent decision making and take part in life-skill development normally not offered to them in their regular school curriculum. The Summer Adventure Programs are an opportunity of a lifetime for students to learn English, gain valuable social skills and enrich their cultural understanding through interaction in a multicultural setting.
Summer English Courses in Toronto for Young Learners:
- Children's Adventure Program (CAP) for children ages 7-13
- Teenage Adventure Program (TAP) for teenagers ages 14-17

Both programs combine English classes with fun excursions and social activities. CAP students stay at the York University Glendon Campus and TAP students stay at the University of Toronto St. Michael's campus. Both campuses give students a true Canadian experience.

Also: Year-round customized ESL programs for young learners.
International House Vancouver
Courses / Programs
Since 1998, International House Vancouver has offered unique, educational, and fun English language (ESL) summer programs for young learners to suit every need, budget and language ability.

In Vancouver, we offer a Children's Adventure Program (CAP) for children ages 5-12, suitable for mother & child or family study.

We also provide a Homestay Junior Program for 13-17 year olds, as well as a Residential Junior Program on the campus of the University of British Columbia for 9-17 year olds.

These programs are affiliated and held to the standards of Languages Canada, the IHWO, and AILIA, organizations that insist on the highest degree of educational excellence.

We ensure the quality our classes with teachers who are qualified in both language instruction and working with children and young adults. With a range of programs on offer, we can provide the best choices to fit most any need.

We also offer a Winter Junior Program for kids ages 13-17 from late December to mid February.
English as a Second Language (ESL) Summer Programs for Young Learners:

- ESL Children's Adventure Program (Ages 5-12)

- ESL Homestay Junior Program (Ages 13-17)

- ESL Residential Junior Program (Ages 9-17, on the University of BC campus)
Quest Language Studies, Toronto
Courses / Programs
Quest Language Studies is an independently-owned and operated international language school located in downtown Toronto in Ontario, Canada. We are a 2 minute walk from Bay subway. We provide a wide range of English language courses to students from around the world, including summer and winter youth programs for juniors / teenagers ages 13 -19 years.

Quest Language Studies, an award winning school was established in 1997, and are are fully accredited by Languages Canada and a member of Quality English. We provide small classes (approximately 7 to 9 students), professional instructors, a dynamic, communicative student centred teaching methodology, combined with up-to-date material and equipment help to ensure student success.

The Quest Summer Program provides students with a unique learning holiday experience by combining up to 4 weeks of ESL study with a variety of quality recreational activities. The program's goal goes beyond teaching English to include the expansion of horizons, the learning of new skills and the making of new friends. Every student, we hope, will leave with an experience to last a lifetime.
* Summer Youth Program for Juniors / Teenagers ages 13 -19 years:

- Homestay Program with a Canadian family with Summer English

- Intensive English Classes

- Educational Workshops

- Recreational Activities

* Teacher Homestay English Program (English immersion): Duration: 1-12 weeks
Edu-inter Summer Language School in Quebec
Courses / Programs
• Edu-inter is a Summer French Language School in Quebec City offering summer French immersion programs for children & teenagers (ages 10-17) and adults (16+).

• Quebec City is the only major city in Canada that offers a 100% French-speaking environment, making it the ideal location for learning and practicing French.

• 2018 will be the 13th year of our French Summer School for Teenagers. As the cradle of francophone culture in the Americas, summer in Quebec City offers an unparalleled program of festivals, fun activities and experiences, all in a city renowned for its safe environment.

• The summer school is located on the campus of Collège Mérici, in downtown Quebec City, a short 15 minute walk from Old Quebec.

• The campus features exceptional facilities including a gymnasium, an aerobics room, a library, computer labs, an internet cafe, a cafeteria and a student lounge. The campus has ample green space for outdoor sports and recreation activities.

• Edu-inter also provides Winter French Camps for children and teens (ages 10-17), as well as summer French immersion programs for adults.

Student Reviews:
"This experience has been life charging for me. The people in Quebec are so accommodating and kind. Merci Edu-inter!"
- Carol, USA

"I would definitely recommend this program to anyone willing to improve their French over the summer!"
- Philippa, USA
Summer French Programs:
For Children & Teenagers (ages 10-17) 

• French & Circus
• French & Cooking
• French & Dance
• French & Dramatic Arts
• French & Hockey
• French & Horse Riding
• French & Multi-activities
• French & Music
• French & Soccer
• French & Tennis

Winter French Camps:
For Children & Teenagers (ages 10-17)

• French & Multi-activity camp
• French & Ski camp
• French & Snowboard camp

We also offer summer French immersion programs for adults.
NSL Mondial, French Summer Camps in Quebec City
Courses / Programs
• Surrounded and encouraged by native French speakers, your son, daughter or loved one can enjoy a wonderful French language immersion experience in the province of Quebec in summer 2019!

• NSL Mondial is a highly-experienced facilitator of intensive language camps for children and teenagers from Canada, the U.S., and around the world. Contact us today for information on the range of fun, educational French language and activities summer programs available in Quebec City.

• The capital of Canada's Quebec province, Quebec City truly is a beautiful city located at the mouth of the wonderful St. Lawrence Seaway, just 145 miles / 2.5 hours by car, bus or train north east of Montreal.

• As a UNESCO historical location and one of the oldest European-style cities in North America, this very charming, tourist-friendly summer holiday destination offers students a true French-speaking environment as well as rich Canadian history and culture, and magnificent architecture.

• Quebec City is easily reached by international students and families, and is served by Jean Lesage International Airport.
French Immersion Summer Camps in Quebec City:
• Runs from June 10 to August 2 2019.
• For Juniors / High School Teens ages 10 to 17 years old.

Language Camp choices with Sports Activities:

1. French Immersion Multi-Activity Camp
2. French & Music Camp
3. French & Dance Camp
4. French & Circus Camp
5. French & Tennis Camp
6. French & Hockey Camp
7. French & Equestrian Camp
8. French & Soccer Camp

Accommodation: Nearby residence or homestay with a local host family.
Updated: 2019-02-13
Updated: 2019-02-13