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Private Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle & High School in Evanston, Illinois

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Roycemore School:
Roycemore School is an independent day school for students from age three years through to Grade 12. Roycemore School is located in Evanston, a vibrant and diverse lakefront community in Cook County, Illinois, 10 miles north of downtown Chicago. Roycemore provides a challenging college preparatory curriculum in a nurturing environment. Students thrive in small classes, guided by faculty who are focused on their individual talents and needs. Founded in 1915, Roycemore serves a student body that is a blend of city and suburban college-bound children, drawn from a wide range of economic, social and ethnic backgrounds.

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Photo of Private Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle & High School in Evanston, IllinoisLower School Program (Age 3-Grade 4)
Beginning in Lower School, students are challenged at their own levels of achievement through differentiated instruction. The School is dedicated to creating a safe, nurturing environment where there is concern for personal as well as academic development. Character education is taught and emphasized throughout each school day and students gain a sense of community, responsibility and caring for others.

The Lower School offers a strong, diversified curriculum with many hands-on activities and educational field trips. Art, music and physical education classes, taught by specialists, enrich the curriculum, which includes French language instruction beginning in Kindergarten. Each Lower School classroom has several computers and their use is integrated into the daily program. Image of Private Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle & High School in Evanston, IllinoisThe School’s computer lab is also utilized on a regular basis.

Each child’s achievement is carefully monitored and close communication between home and school is commonplace. The primary goal is to assure an excellent foundation for our students and to prepare them for a successful transition to Middle School.

Middle School Program (Grades 5-8)
Every Middle Schooler is known by name and valued as an individual with unique talents and abilities. Roycemore’s friendly, open and non-competitive approach to schooling encourages students to assist one another in the learning process. All strive to master a diverse and challenging curriculum, focused on honing critical-thinking skills as well as building a solid base of knowledge for future learning. A strong faculty advisory program and numerous extracurricular and social activities help to create a vibrant social setting that emphasizes the School’s core values of tolerance and respect for individual differPhotos of Roycemore Schoolences.

The core curriculum teaches students how to study, how to do research, how to explore, how to think, and how to write well. The broader program also offers a variety of experiences including the creative arts, performing arts, athletics and social activities. Ample opportunities are provided for releasing energy.

One factor important for a Middle School student’s success is behavior, including a positive attitude, active participation and ready cooperation. Creating a positive learning environment within the Roycemore community helps students approach their studies with the enthusiasm necessary to succeed.

In the Middle School, teachers regularly evaluate independent and interpersonal attitudes and behavior of students through the Shield program. Categories for evaluation include responsibility, self-control, honesty, respect for property, kindness, cooperation with others and contribution to class and school spirit. By offering a regular, constructive evaluation for each student, and by recognizing those who consistently maintain such virtues, the School helps adolescents mature into thoughtful, positive and successful members of society.

Upper School Program (Grades 9-12)
Roycemore is committed to ensuring the personal success of each student. Accessible teachers encourage and assist students in recognizing and fulfilling their potential. Roycemore provides individualized college counseling, with 100% of graduates accepted to colleges across the country. A broad, challenging curriculum satisfies highly selective college requirements. Advanced Placement courses are available in many areas and qualified students may take classes at nearby Northwestern University at no additional charge.

Each student’s class schedule is based on his or her abilities, interests and achievement. Roycemore faculty help the student improve in areas of challenge while nurturing and building upon his or her strengths. Faculty are always available for individual help for clarification or for more in-depth discussion.

A key feature of Roycemore’s Upper School program is the advisory system. Each student chooses a faculty advisor at the beginning of the academic year and the two work closely together. Advisors help students with their academic planning and in other areas, including helping them set realistic long- and short-term goals, developing strong study habits, becoming involved in activities, managing time and energy effectively, and facing with confidence a variety of issues with which today’s adolescents must cope.

Roycemore’s January Short Term (JST) occurs each winter during the three weeks between the first and second semesters. It offers a rare opportunity for high school students to plan and carry out independent projects. During January Short Term, all Upper School students participate in individual or group projects. In recent years, students who chose individual projects have spent the time at such places as the Field Museum, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and an Illinois senator’s Washington office. Group JST projects focus on an equally wide range of interests. Some, such as photography or fashion design, take place in Roycemore classrooms or labs. Others involve travel—to France, Germany, Martinique or Great Britain. A popular local option is “Roycemore Helps Others,” a community service project encompassing philanthropy throughout the Chicago area.

Since a graduating class at Roycemore traditionally has between 20 and 30 members, the college counselor can take the time to help all students find colleges for which they are qualified and that will help meet their current needs and future goals. The personalized college counseling program at Roycemore guides students and their parents through the procedures of college selection and application. Typically 100% of Roycemore’s graduating seniors are accepted to college.

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Address: 640 Lincoln Street, Evanston, Illinois , USA
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- Summer Spanish language program
- After School Spanish & English programs
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