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Italian Courses in Rome

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Percorsi d'Italiano, Rome:
“Percorsi d’Italiano” is a team of Italian language teachers based in Rome, with many years of experience abroad and in Italy. Collaboration with embassies, cultural institutes, universities and international companies, for which we have drawn up study programmes in the past, has convinced us of the need to offer language courses that are completely dedicated to the linguistic, professional and cultural needs of foreigners coming to Rome for business or for fun. Classroom lessons are held at the facilities of the school in the central and prestigious Aventino neighbourhood, within walking distance of the archaeological area in the centre of Rome. The school can easily be reached with the B-line of the underground, Piramide stop.

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Photo of Italian Courses in RomeThe courses are organized on 6 levels according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference of Languages): A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2, for one to one or group courses.

Classroom courses
The Diplomatic Style<strong>
Percorsi d’Italiano has worked for years with various Embassies in Rome. The experience allows us allows us to offer a very valuable and efficient course dedicated exclusively to diplomats and their family members.

The course is designed in a dynamic way. The teaching materials, in fact, are prepared taking into account what happens in the political, economic and institutional world. The material, which is renewed in parallel with the most significant events, and is supported by articles in print, on the web, written interviews and videos; with cImage of Italian Courses in Romeomments, exercises and conversations.

The courses take place during the day, at the time and location chosen by the participants at no additional cost.

Start: all year round
Times: flexible
Levels: all
€ 35 per hour for 1-2 persons
€ 42 per hour for 3 persons
€ 48 per hour for 4 persons

Italian online
This course is designed for those who want to learn Italian online through Skype lessons. As usual, the lessons we offer are tailor-made, and change according to the needs of the participant.
Individual course: € 25 per hour
Start: all year round
Times: flexible
Days: all
Levels: all

Italian you need
This course is suitable for all those who want or need to learn Italian quickly. Thanks to a simple and effective method, evPhotos of Percorsi d'Italiano, Romeery student will learn how to interact in common situations of everyday life.

At the end of the course each participant will be able to:

Grocery shop at the supermarket or to the market
Go for a coffee at the bar
Order in a restaurant
Use public transportation and get around the city
Shopping …
… And much more!

The first level includes a general program set by the teacher. The second and third levels provide tailor-made programs.
Intensive individual course: 15 hours in a week, € 28 per hour
Start: all year round
Times: flexible
Days: from Monday to Sunday
Levels: all

Intensive group course: from 3 to 10 participants, 30 hours in two weeks, € 290
Start: every Monday
Times: 9:30-12:30am or 6:00-9:00pm (courses can also be arranged for other times for pre-organiPicture of Italian Courses in Romezed groups)
Days: from Monday to Friday
Levels: all

Designed for those who have less time during the but still want to deepen their knowledge of the Italian language. The course is for all levels, and is very flexible, especially for the second and third level because the topics of the classes will be agreed with the students.

Extensive individual course: € 35 per hour
Start: all year round
Times: flexible
Days: from Monday to Sunday
Levels: all
Extensive group course: from 3 to 10 participants, 20 hours in five weeks, € 220
Start: Every Monday
Times: 10:00-12:00am or 6:30-8:30pm (courses can also be arranged for other times for pre-organized groups)
Days: Monday and Wednesday
Levels: all

On the move courses<em>
Memories of Roman Villas
During the summer we are looking for cooler weather in some of the most important villas of Rome, which we will visit.
We wanted to give a particular title for this course, where the term ‘memory’ is the key word for two simple reasons.
The first is that the villas have a historical memory, and therefore contain all the elements – architectural, historical and artistic – that can be used as material for conversation.
The second concerns the memory in a literal sense. Working on language exercises – writing and speaking – is certainly the best way to memorize grammatical rules and to use the language.

4 lessons of two hours each, from 6th to 27th June 2018, € 100
Times: 6:30-8:30pm (intermediate level)
Day: Wednesday
Course location: a detailed programme will follow.

SPQR: Imperial walks
With our innovative learning-on-the-move methodology, the course tells the story of the Roman Empire differently from the usual clichés seen in the tourist guides. While walking in the old town, we will discuss some emperors, some of the most interesting episodes and learn new aspects of the language.

We will talk about emperors like Augustus, Hadrian, Caracalla, Diocletian, Domitian, Marcus Aurelius, Nero, Trajan and Vespasian. We will discover how people lived in Rome under their empire and what innovations they brought. We will go to the ancient Roman bath ruins, the markets and visit the monuments built in their honor and the public works made, while incorporating the Italian language

5 lessons of two hours each, from 2nd to 30th May 2018, € 125
Registration course: until 29th April 2018
Times: 10:30am-12:30pm (elementary or intermediate level), 6:30-8:30pm (elementary or intermediate level). Courses can also be arranged for other times for pre-organized groups.
Day: Wednesday

A week on holidays
Are you in Rome for a holiday and you want to get to know this wonderful city and practice the language? This is the course for you!

From Monday to Friday we organize a course open to all levels with classroom and on the move lessons. We will visit the sites seen in the movie “The great beauty“.

You may know some of them, and some might be new to you.

20 hours: € 240
Start: 4th, 11th, 18th, 25 June 2nd, 9th July  2018
Times: 9:30am-12:45pm
Days: from Monday to Friday
Levels: all
You can also attend two or more weeks.

Special courses<em>
CELI preparatory course
Approved by the Centro Valutazione e Certificazione Linguistica (Centre for Linguistic Evaluation and Certification of University for Foreigners, Perugia), Percorsi d’Italiano offers CELI preparation courses for all levels. The CELI exam is recognized at a European level as demonstrating knowledge of the Italian language.

It is also possible to take the exam at our school without attending a preparatory course with us.

The online course is based on practical exercises, written and oral, and practice CELI exams. Its goal is to improve all the skills that are required of students taking the exam (listening, reading comprehension, analysis of communication structures, writing and oral composition) through the study of grammatical structures.

Start: flexible
Times: flexible
Duration: 24 hours
Date of next exam: 18th June 2018
Costs (online): € 360 per person (minimum 2 people), € 480 individual
Exam fee: € 100
Registration exam: until 10th May 2018

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Address: Via Baldassarre Peruzzi,16, Rome, Italy
Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2021-10-30 were from:

Hermosillo Sonora, Mexico; and more.
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Scuola di Lingua e Cultura - Italiana Nuova Arcadia
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Scuola di Lingua e Cultura Italiana Nuova Arcadia is an Italian language school in the small town of Casalbordino, just 5 minutes from Italy's Adriatic coast, and 2 hours east of Rome.

We provide a wide range of beginner to advanced level Italian language and culture courses for international students.

The school acts as a cultural association that was born from the wills of a group of friends each of whom involved in the field of education, training, tourism, cultural and linguistic mediation for years.

All of our tutors have a great passion: the love for Italy, for Abruzzo and its priceless heritage of art, history, culture and traditions.

Casalbordino is situated in the centre of Italy, on the coast, so it is linked with important and famous cities (Rome, Florence, Pescara, Vasto) by train or bus.
Italian Language Programs for Foreign Students:
- Intensive Italian language courses (beginner, intermediate & advanced levels)
- Group & Individual preparation for CELI, CILS, DITALS and PLIDA exams

Italian Cultural Courses:
- Courses of Italian Culture & Tradition
- Excursions in Abruzzo and all over Italy
- Gastronomy & Enology courses
- Art History
- Architecture & Italian Design Tradition
- Creative Writing, Photography and Theater workshops
- Italian Cinema, Italian Folklore, Music & Singing courses
Solemar-Sicilia Cefalu
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Solemar Cefalu is one of the leading language schools in Sicily, organizing Italian language courses for foreigners. The school is part of the Solemar Sicilia group and is located in the city of Cefalu, in the province of Palermo, on the northern coast of Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Our Italian language courses are designed and structured by qualified teachers and mother-tongue Italian linguistics experts, with many years of experience in teaching Italian to foreigners.

As a student at Solemar, you will be tested at the beginning of the course, even if you have only a very basic knowledge of Italian, so that we can put you in a group at the correct level. We guarantee you a language course in a small group and at the right level for you. We will loan you textbooks and other necessary material for the period of the course for free. At the end of your language course you will receive a certificate stating the level of Italian you have achieved.
-Intensive Italian Course
* 2 week Intensive program

-Personal Italian Course
* Individual lessons complimentary to the Intensive Italian Course

-Homestay Program with an Italian family

-One-to-one / one-to-two private lessons
* Flexible course structure tailored specific to your needs

-Italian for Pre-school, Primary and Secondary school age children

-Business Italian Course

-Apprenticeship - Learning Italian on the job
* Working as an apprentice with an Italian firm
* Attending regular language classes
Reggio Lingua, Reggio Emilia
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Reggio Lingua is a specialized language center in Reggio Emilia, north of Italy, teaching Italian language and culture to people of all ages and nationalities. We organize Italian courses for groups, individuals, and businesses (for managers, technicians and employees), as well as for high school and university groups, homestay programs in an instructor’s home, and courses in preparation for the CILS and CELI exams.

Courses are offered year round. They are organized by level, with a limited number of students in each class to encourage the students’ active participation and to provide a peaceful, relaxed working environment.
Intensive Italian Homestay Programs; Group Italian Courses; Private Italian lessons; Preparatory Courses for the CILS and CELI exams; Specialized Business Courses; Italian cooking classes.
Kappa Language School, Rome
Courses / Programs
Located in the heart of the lovely neighbourhood Monti, Kappa Language School provides basic beginner to advanced level Italian language courses to students and professionals from around the world.

We offer Standard and Intensive courses, PLIDA Italian language certification classes, private Italian lessons, lessons via Skype, study group and special courses. A Homestay option with an Italian family is also available as part of your studies.

Kappa is a member of the Dante Alighieri Society network, and was created to promote Italian language and culture among international students, expats and professionals in Rome. In addition to our language courses, we also arrange cultural events and guided tours of the city.

Kappa Language School is a Certified Learning Center of Dante Alighieri, meeting quality standards in teaching Italian as a foreign language, recognized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and authorized to issue certificates and host exam sessions.
Basic Beginner to Advanced Level Italian Language Courses:

- Standard Italian course (A1-B2 level)
- PLIDA (Dante Alighieri Italian Language Project) Certificate Course (exam preparation)
- CELI exams
- Intensive Italian course
- Lessons via Skype
- One-on-One / Private tutoring
- Study groups
-Special courses
- Combine your course with a Homestay with an Italian family
Courses / Programs
Located in the historic centre of Milan, Northern Italy, SPAZIOLINGUA is an Italian language training school for foreign visitors that provides a wide range of Italian language and culture courses. Classes can be taken individually or in group format, with day, evening, and weekend courses available from beginner to advanced levels. We also have classes that offer a unique taste of Italian culture, with Italian cooking, wine tasting, and travel Italian options available. Our school is conveniently situated on Via Carducci, close to Red & Green Line underground public transport services.

Taught by a team of dedicated linguistic professionals, our goal is to enhance learning with a human connection and to work in a calm and welcoming environment that encourages the ' pleasure ' of learning. The character of each individual student and their needs are our starting point. We then plan and build a path that enhances and gratifies the student constantly.

Our methodology is based on an effective humanistic approach; everything revolves around the student, their needs and their competences. Our students are constantly accompanied from the beginning to the end of their successful path.
Beginner to advanced level Italian language & culture classes:

- Standard Group Italian classes
- Twice-a-week Italian courses
- Evening / Weekend options
- Individual / Private Italian lessons
- Intensive Italian courses
- Italian language test preparation courses for CILS and CELI on demand
- Corporate Italian courses
- Cocktail Making course
- Italian Culture & History classes
- Italian Wine Tasting courses
- Italian for Travel
- Italian Cooking courses
- Opera Singers classes
- Englsh & Russian classes
Courses / Programs
Altrevento is an Italian language school centrally located in Florence in Tuscany, Italy. We offer a wide range of Italian language courses for all levels from beginners to advanced levels for both individuals and groups. The Italian language school also offers Italian cooking courses, golf courses, history art courses and photography courses (Specific jewellery photographic courses). At Altrevento, we can make your stay in Florence interesting and fun. Florence is an beautiful city to learn the Italian language with its art and culture and much more.

We provide an excellent language school with young and dynamic teachers, but also many additional services to suit your needs and requirements. You can study a beautiful language in a amazing city with many sights, like the "Uffizien" or the cathedral "Santa Maria del Fiore" and many others.

Altrevento offers the answer to all your needs, with our wide range of Italian language courses. You can also learn about Italian art and culture, and we can organise a variety of exhibitions, trips and more.
- Italian language courses (Group and individual standard and intensive courses) for all levels from beginners to advanced levels.

- Italian cooking courses ("Piatto Unico" and Master). Culinary internship programs are available with Italian language courses also included.

- Italian History of Art courses.

- Photography courses (Base and academic courses; specific jewellery photographic courses).

- Golf courses