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Private Boarding School in Montana for Troubled Teens

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Montana Academy, Kalispell:
Located in Marion, in the northwestern area of Montana, Montana Academy is a private therapeutic boarding school for young people ages 14 to 17 at crisis points in their lives.

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Student Profile:

Photo of Private Boarding School in Montana for Troubled TeensOur typical student is between 14 and 17 years old and at-risk for failing in his or her existing environment. Many have been traumatized by divorce, illness or death of a parent or adoption that has caused an interruption in his or her emotional development.

Unable to cope with the increasing demands of growing up, many students suffer from depression, anxiety, school and social difficulties, low self-esteem and lack of motivation.

Many act out, are disrespectful of rules, run away or engage in substance abuse or other self-destructive behaviors. Many students are very bright but struggle with learning problems associated with ADHD.

Therapeutic Boarding School Program for Troubled Teens (Ages 14-17):

- We offer a broad range of classes in English, history, mathematics, science, art and foreign language. Honors and Advance Placement are available in many classes.

- Students take three classes and earn 5 credits per subject passed in a 12-week block curriculum.

- The Academy also offers the PSAT, SAT and assistance with college applications.

Emotional Growth:

Experienced, trained clinicians provide comprehensive treatment that fosters a resumed momentum along the normative sequence of adolescent development.

A sequential phase plan supporting solid progress through an expanding range of options encourages students to become more trustworthy, constructive, energetic and responsible in thinking and behavior. Advancement from each “clan” represents a step forward in the developmental and maturational process.

Students are organized into teams under the care of a clinical supervisor who leads the team’s group therapy four times each week. In addition, students meet with their clinical supervisor for individual therapy weekly.


Image of Private Boarding School in Montana for Troubled TeensStudents are housed in single-sex dorms ¼ mile apart. The campus includes a schoolhouse library and computer lab, an indoor gymnasium, a riding arena, a science lab and an art studio, as well as a grand new lodge housing kitchen/dining hall together with living room, office space and a student lounge.

The original ranch house now contains administrative offices and classrooms. This self-contained rustic community is an ideal setting for many in need of a break from a destructive, over-stimulated world.

Our spacious dormitories provide comfortable living arrangements for our students. The buildings feature bright interiors and spectacular views of the surrounding hills and streams.

Both the girls’ and boys’ dormitories include large bedrooms, washrooms, common rooms for students to relax as well as staff offices.

Campus Life:

Photos of Montana Academy, KalispellShared chores, classes and meals demonstrate the value of cooperation, the support of friendship, the need for straight talk. Campus work projects provide tangible proof of the relevance of knowledge, as well as occasions for learning how to learn. Accomplished projects—useful, visible and valued in the wider community—contribute to self-respect.

Experiential classes offer opportunities to explore one’s creativity and learn new skills. The Academy keeps a herd of horses, whose care provides work/study projects for a number of interested students. These students derive pleasure and growth from a closely supervised horsemanship program. Other experiential offerings might include lessons in photography, fly-fishing, and drama.

Transition Houses:

The Transition Home component of Montana Academy’s program provides a gradual step down from the structure of the Academy, offering students a chance to practice their new skills in a less structured environment.

There are two Transition Homes in Kalispell, one for boys and one for girls, each designed to help 17-19 year old students prepare for more independent living after the Academy.

The Transition Home provides a structured environment for young adults to learn how to live independently and how to manage their lives, themselves. For these purposes, the Transition Homes provide access to Flathead Valley Community College, employment, and volunteer placements.

Students are taught skills they need and use these skills during practical experience. Students are supported by weekly groups, weekly individual therapy, and program incentives.


Montana Academy encourages a physical fitness ethic and emphasizes the potential result of individual effort and self-discipline, rather than conventional competitiveness. Cross-country running, trekking, skiing, hiking, cycling and rock climbing are readily available. Exploring Montana’s awesome beauty, challenging terrain and dramatic climate inspires curiosity about the universe, instills respect for nature and encourages students to grow strong and competent.

Shared adventures during challenge weeks pull students and staff together, providing natural contexts for young people and adults to cooperate and speak frankly to one another. The grandeur of the wild gives perspective to personal problems and draws students away from materialism and narcissism.

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Address: Marion, 9705 Lost Prairie Road, Kalispell, Montana , USA
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Cherry Gulch
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Cherry Gulch is an accredited therapeutic boarding school for boys ages 10 to 14 with various difficulties including ADHD, learning differences, oppositional-defiance, depression, low self-esteem, poor motivation, anger, anxiety, family conflict, and other behavioral and emotional problems.

Located beneath the western slope of the Rocky Mountains near Boise, Idaho, in the North West Pacific region of the United States (east of Washington State), we are equipped to handle very difficult students as well as "softer" students with more internalizing behaviors. We are an ADHD boarding school that knows how to cater to your troubled child.

We are also prepared academically to work with students with learning difficulties and those that are brilliant academically. Our goal is to provide early intervention and prevention to help these boys reach their full potential and to become well-rounded pro social young men.

We are licensed by the State of Idaho, our school is accredited by Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, and we have been selected by Woodbury Reports for their "Excellence in Education" award two years in a row.
- Individual, group, and family psychotherapy with experienced doctorate and masters level therapists.

- Individualized treatment plans
- Creative approaches to empirically based treatments
- Active experiential learning and therapeutics
- Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
- Individualized education plans
- A wide variety of activities and learning experiences
- Family involvement and a strong parenting program
- High staff to student ratio
- Highly skilled and compassionate staff
Turning Winds Academic Institute (TWAI)
Courses / Programs
Serving troubled teen boys and girls ages 13-18 from North Dakota and across the U.S, Turning Winds Academic Institute (TWAI) is a family-run, therapeutic boarding school.

Located on a peaceful and safe 150 acre campus in northwestern Montana, TWAI combines the benefits of a therapeutic boarding school, a wilderness program, and a residential treatment center (RTC).

We have been providing an extremely high standard of care to our students and their families since 2002, with an exceptional degree of success.

We offer help for the following issues: behavioral problems, poor academic performance, low self-worth, addictions, spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD, and attachment disorders among others.  

With a passion for helping young people in crisis, our clinical, educational, and operations staff are among the best in the country.

With a student to staff ration of 5:1, we are a small program (40 students) which allows us to provide a truly unique and customized approach for each student.

TWAI requires a commitment of 3 months. However, best results for lasting success are realized through 6+ months of treatment. The average stay at our residential treatment center is 12 months.

We accept insurance which ultimately allows parents the affordability of treatment.

Parent Testimonial:
"I feel that her life path has been corrected and that is a relief. I can’t thank you enough for the love you have shown to my family."
- Mike
Therapeutic Boarding School
For troubled teens ages 13-18

- Middle School Program
- High School Program
- Credit Recovery
- Accelerated Learning
- College Preparation/ AP Classes
- SAT/ACT Testing Center
- Anti-Bullying Program

We also provide a GED program, and college courses.

It is common for a student to complete 1.5 years of course work in 1 year. TWAI graduates average a 3.5 GPA.

98% of our high school graduates go on to attend trade school or college. Some of our students have gone on to attend some of the top Universities and Ivy League schools.
Clearview Horizon School for Girls
Courses / Programs
Clearview Horizon School for Girls is a therapeutic boarding school designed for girls between the ages of 13 to 21 years. We are located in Sandpoint in Bonner County, Idaho, set in the beautiful Montana mountains.

Clearview is for girls who are struggling with self-esteem, motivation, purpose, the influence of a negative peer environment, recreational drug use, an eating disorder, or some other destructive behavioral pattern.

Through our unique Christian-based program, students find the strength to overcome their disorders. Students attend school, receive tutoring when necessary, and participate in after school activities.

More than 500 students have trusted their care to Clearview Horizon since 1996. Clearview offers a program made up of skilled and experienced professionals who help young women struggling with life problems.

Clearview is fully accredited through the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC). It has been our mission to help young girls rejoin their families and face the world better equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in life.
Therapeutic boarding school program for girls aged 13 - 21 years:

- The Clearview Experience is a controlled, therapeutic boarding school environment which emphasizes Athletic, Academic, and Emotional fitness.

- Mentoring is also a crucial part of our overall program.

- The program is highly structured and responsibilities are taken very seriously.

- Teachers are on site to ensure that all students continue their academic progress.

- Vocational training for students over the age of 18 years.
THINK Global School
Courses / Programs
• THINK Global School (TGS) is a private, non-profit high school that travels the world, allowing students ages 14-18 years old the chance to study in four new international cities each academic year. 

• TGS offers a once-in-a-lifetime educational experience centered around travel and cultural immersion.

• TGS students are competitively selected from all regions and all walks of life. Together they are a miniature United Nations, representing over 25 different countries of citizenship, and a diverse range of experiences, talents and interests.

• THINK Global School if fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools - Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS-WASC).

Upcoming & Previous School Locations around the world:

• 2021-2022: Australia, Bosnia, Botswana, Chile, China, Greece, India, Japan, Oman, Panama
• 2019-2020: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Australia, Chile, Italy
• 2018-2019: China, Oman, Costa Rica, Greece
• 2017-2018: Botswana, India, Japan & Spain
• 2016-2017: Canada, Morocco & Peru
• 2015-2016: Sweden, Bosnia & Italy

"The collective energy that the students at THINK Global School possess is remarkable. Somehow, the more places they go and things they do, the more energy they have!… It is such an inspiration!"
- TGS Residential Advisor
The school year consists of four terms, each held in a different country, where students have the chance to explore the history and culture of fantastic locations worldwide.

• Taught in small classes by friendly, dedicated and experienced teachers
• Student-driven instruction
• All subjects are inspired by the location, and are designed to combine learning with a wealth of cultural experiences.
Trinity Teen Solutions
Courses / Programs
Trinity Teen Solutions is a Catholic boarding school and adolescent residential treatment center for troubled teen girls.

Situated in the tranquil surroundings of Park County in Northern Wyoming, Trinity Teen Solutions is unlike any other residential treatment center for troubled girls in the U.S.

We provide your family with distinctive services, based on the hope and love of God, that are designed to develop certain behaviors in troubled teen girls.

A full 96% of the girls who come to Trinity and complete their stay effectively overcome the struggles in their lives.
Catholic Boarding School & Residential Treatment Center for troubled teen girls:

- We combine a customized curriculum with individual attention (1:7 instructor-to-student ratio) and small class sizes (only 14 girls per class).

- TTS instructors focus on two to three courses at a time for just three hours per day.

Our outdoor learning adventures allow students to live, breathe, touch and learn from everything in God’s beautiful creation.
Sunshine Bible Academy
Courses / Programs
Situated in central South Dakota, Sunshine Bible Academy is a non-denominational, K-12 Christian school for boys and girls.

Located in the town of Miller, Hand County SD, we offer local day school educational programs for elementary school students, and a residential (boarding) school program for secondary students in Grades 9-12.

Our curriculum is based on the philosophy of Christian education that relates biblical truths to every area of learning.

Sunshine Bible Academy is accredited by the State of South Dakota Division of Elementary and Secondary Education and also a member of ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International).
Day & Residential Christian School for K-12 Students:

- Local Day School Education (Grades K-8)

- Residential / Boarding School Education for Grades 9-12

We provide education in traditional areas of academic study as well as in:

- Fine Arts, Visual Arts, Industrial Arts, Agricultural Science, Technology, World Language, and Bible Studies.