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Dance Lessons & Performing Arts for Kids in Vancouver BC

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Dance Academic School, Vancouver:
The Dance Academic School at the Perform Art Studios located across from Waterfront Park on Esplanade in North Vancouver, British Columbia, offers dance classes for girls and boys ages 3-18yrs from beginner to professional levels. We provide Ballet, Jazz Dance, Hip Hop Dance, Musical Theatre, Dance, Acting & Singing, Tap Dance, Contemporary Dance, Lyrical Jazz Dance for talented and creative young people willing to train in self discipline while learning technique and musicality. Our classes are taught by dedicated, experienced and highly qualified dance teachers able to provide energy, expertise, enthusiasm & of course FUN! We also offer a First Start Performing Arts Pre-school Dance Program. Our exciting early childhood dance program, is a fun combination of Creative Ballet, Dance, Music & Art! -Designed for preschool boys & girls aged 3-6 yrs. Whatever the age, interests and goals of your child we have the best dance class for them!

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First Start:
North Vancouver popular pre-kinder dance / creative ballet class for preschool aged children 3-5 yrs. “A Wonderful introduction to the world of dance” Our exciting early childhood dance program, is a fun combination of Creative Ballet, Dance, Music & Art! -Designed for preschool boys & girls aged 3-6 yrs.

Creative Dance and Themes explored:
Fairy tales, Math in Motion, Creative Colours and Everything Big & Small are just examples of the Imaginative and Creative Dance Themes explored in each preschool dance class!

Educational Component:
Preschool children in First stART benefit from our modern creative ballet dance based learning program where they develop critical thinking and communication skills, which hPhoto of Dance Lessons & Performing Arts for Kids in Vancouver BCave a positive impact on reading, writing and language!


Ballet, the basis of all dance forms, combines the beauty of music with dance. The benefits of learning ballet include development of good posture, self discipline while learning technique and musicality. Ballet training provides young ballet dancers with opportunities to develop grace, fitness and self confidence while enjoying learning to dance professionally or for recreation.

Perform Art Studios Ballet School offers Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet syllabus and exams. The Royal Academy of Dance has an international reputation for ballet training excellence. The purpose of this training and the exams is to develop discipline, confidence in performance, and a personal sense of achievement. Our Ballet exam preparation classes, taught by certified Royal Academy of DanImage of Dance Lessons & Performing Arts for Kids in Vancouver BCce ballet teachers, specifically prepare students for successful completion of an exam administered by an RAD examiner.

Perform Art Studios offers Royal Academy of Dance & Non Syllabus Ballet classes in North Vancouver for all ages and levels who wish to learn to dance from our First Start preschool dance program to our Pre-Professional/ Half Dance Division.

Jazz Dance:
Jazz Dance Class in ActionJazz dance is a forever-changing creative dance style representing the past & the future of "Pop" culture. Jazz dance can be seen everywhere from dance music videos on MTV to hit Broadway shows emphasizes on individual style, expression & improvisation! -As performed by many of todays dancers.

Jazz dance emphasizes individual style, expression and improvisation as noted in the many dancers today. The various styles of Jazz dance have grown from the emphasis on individual style and improvisation. Jazz dance emphasizes individual expression. Another benefit of learning Jazz is its direct connection to music & the performing arts. Jazz dance incorporating Modern Dance expresses the music whether, Pop, Blues, Jazz or Hip Hop.

Perform Art Studios Jazz class students learn essential dance skills including body coordination, flexibility along with musicality, self expression & improvisational skills. Our classes are taught by dedicated, experienced and highly qualified dance teachers able to provide energy, expertise, enthusiasm & of course FUN!

Contemporary Dance:
Contemporary dance breaks away from the rigidity of Classical Ballet and teaches you how to express yourself using a freer style, exploring the use of off-centre movements, bending the spine and contractions.

Contemporary dance at Perform Art Studios is very creative and inspires students to express themselves while introducing students to Limon, Horton and Graham technique as well the unique professional styles of our instructors.

A variety of music is used in class including New Age, Lounge, Electronic and Ethnic sounds such as African drumming. Contemporary dance is a perfect complement to Ballet and Jazz dance classes.

Hip Hop / Street Dance
Our high-energy Hip Hop dance lessons use the latest sounds in Rap, RnB, Dance Music, Pop & Old School Hip Hop, to make the classes diverse, Energetic and fun!

Hip Hop's elements of poppin', locking, breaking as well as freestyle movement give learning students the opportunity to develop their own style!

Each Class consist of warm-up, stretching, choreography & freestylin’. Dance combinations are created each week allowing students to add on new moves, & build onto past weeks lessons to produce fPhotos of Dance Academic School, Vancouverinished dances – Ready for performances!

Make Hip-Hop part your life!

Boys Unlimited -Boys Only Dance Class:
- Hip Hop, Breakdancing & Jazz Performing Group Ages 7-11yrs

Have fun & become part of an all boys Hip Hop dance Class!
-Taught by male dance teachers!

This new & exciting dance concept for boys only combines Hip Hop, Breakdancing, Jazz & Singing in one dance class!

Each month the boys choose a song, learn singing technique & Hip Hop/Jazz choreography resulting in a complete dance routine!

The basis of this FUN dance class is to give boys the opportunity to...

* Learn Co-Ordination, Hip Hop, Breakdancing & Jazz Dance styles

* Become confident in dance & performing
* Offer dancers performance opportunities

* Meet other boys with a passion for performing & dancing.

Tap Dance:
Tap dancing is an energetic dance style where students learn rhythm, style, technique and musicality through percussive footwork. Tap was initially popularized in Hollywood by such great dancers as Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and Shirley Temple and more recently, by the hugely popular performers Tap Dogs, Stomp and Riverdance!

Tap Dance Classes: What You’ll Learn

At a beginner level, you will learn how to warm-up followed by tap technique and sequences taught in a step-by-step Picture of Dance Lessons & Performing Arts for Kids in Vancouver BCprogression. This begins with simple steps to increase flexibility, improve rhythm, and build coordination. Progressing each class to more advanced techniques, and on to high-energy dance combinations.

Choreography Dance Class:

Choreography Dance Class - the art of creating and arranging dance! Choreography class gives students the opportunity to explore their creative side and ideas to create dances.

In Choreography class, students create dances through experimentation, improvisation as well as guided exercises and choreography techniques. In the final term of classes, Choreography students will work on their own choreography for our year-end performance.

Perform Art Studios also offers Choreography students a unique & diverse program - "Create, Record, Perform!" which combines music creation with choreography!

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Address: 260 West Esplanade, Vancouver, BC , Canada
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