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San Francisco International School:
At San Francisco International School, located in the Richmond District of San Francisco, we believe that childhood is a time to be treasured, and we are committed to providing an engaging, innovative and rigorous social, emotional and academic program for Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5 students. We recognize and embrace each child's unique learning profile and provide numerous opportunities for children's creative, musical and other intelligences to shine. Students are engaged in their education, feel successful in the classroom and see each day as an opportunity to discover and learn. San Francisco International School admits students of any race, color, religion, gender and disability.

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Primary Years Program Curriculum:
Childhood is about discovery and learning. Children are endlessly curious about the world around them. Our program immerses young students in active study that draws on their natural interests while enabling them to deeply understand the subject matter.

At San Francisco International School we recognize that knowledge is demonstrated in various ways, and our teachers faciliate learning on an individual basis. We intentionally build time into our planning schedules to integrate our educational program. Many of our lessons and units are made up of a combination of disciplines. For example, a lesson on the rainforest might integrate art, science, writing, social studies, and music. We might even jump onto the computers and look up some images, learn some interesting facts, listen to animal sounds, etc. Once one recognizes how interconnected Photo of International School in San Francisco Bay Areaeverything is, one can create a truly well-rounded learning experience.

Our curriculum is inspired by the International Baccalaureate (IB-PYP) program and we use the California State Standards as a guideline. Problem-solving and critical thinking play a large role in all teaching and learning.

In mathematics, the concepts of number patterns, counting, matching, classifications, measurement and geometry are covered. Manipulatives are used to provide concrete understanding. Free exploration is an integral aspect of the curriculum. Students are encouraged, through application to their immediate surroundings, to become comfortable with mathematics as part of their everyday world.


The best elementary science education is relevant, exciting, and experiential. We leverage the natural curiosity and creativity of our students by bringing fun and engaging hands-on experiments to the classroom. These activities allow children to explore on their own while asking directed questions to guide their thought processes and investigations. Experiments draw on children’s everyday experiences to show them that science is all around them and is fun.

Language Arts:
Language Arts is woven carefully into our daily curriculum, and is seen as a tool for self-expression and obtaining information. The language arts program begins with the introduction of reading and writing skills in kindergarten and culminates in grade five with independent, confident readers and authors. We believe that experience in reading and writing is best provided through work in social studies, poetry, song-writing, science, as well as in language study. We also take time to teach language explicitly in order to give the students a conscious awareness of their language in order for them to use it more effectively.

Global Education:

Our Global Education program is designed to develop internImage of International School in San Francisco Bay Areaationally-minded children by providing a deeper understanding of and appreciation for cultures and people around the globe. Our program seeks to prepare students to address the complex issues other countries face in a rapidly changing and increasingly interconnected world. While the context of this education varies throughout our K-5 curriculum, the following are the general abilities we seek to develop in our students:

• To appreciate the values, priorities and languages of the many countries and cultures of the world;
• To analyze global issues and challenges;
• To have a basic understanding of modern languages;
• To understand the interconnectedness of global systems—economic, social, cultural, racial, religious, technological, and ecological;
• To evaluate how and why conflicts among groups arise and to practice various conflict resolution strategies;
• To take action for positive outcomes by developing the habit of translating beliefs into specific strategies for change and by searching for just and peaceful solutions to international problems.

The School achieves Global Education through the following programs:

• Global education connections in the curriculum emphasizing international issues;
• Connections and partnerships with schools and communities around the world;
• Guest speakers and performers focusing on cross-cultural and international issues;
• Professional development for educators to globalize their curriculum.

Unleash your inner Picasso...In the elementary program, the students continue to learn to develop skills to express themselves creatively using various media.


The study of music allows the students to creatively express themselves. Music closely relates to mathematics, language, science and social studies.

The technology program teachers students how to effictively use technology as a tool for research, communication, presentation, problem solving and artistic expression. Technology is a fundamental tool for learning across the disciplines—math, language arts, science, social studies and languages. Students learn to navigate the Internet, use graphing and word processing software, and learn keyboarding skills.

Physical Education:
San Francisco International School will partner with you to teach your child about how to take care of their body, through physical education, health and nutrition.

The physical education program builds on skills from one year to the next, giving students experience in a wide range of activities. Throughout the grades, the focus is on cooperation and teamwork. In Kindergarten and first grade, students participate in activities that help develop motor skills, depth perception and visual accuracy. Students engage in a variety of games and activities that increase in difficulty and form the foundation for future sports skills. Cooperative in nature rather than competitive, the program helps students gain social and emotional maturity as they learn to work together with partners and on teams. The program’s goal is to give students an experience that is both fun and challenging so that they will develop enjoyable lifelong habits in maintaining good health and fitness.

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Address: 1307 5th Avenue , San Francisco, California , USA
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• Complete online learning experience
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• Interactive digital content
• Customizable, personal curriculum

A homeschool diploma is awarded on successful completion of the program
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Parent Testimonial:

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- Elementary School Parent
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• Upper School
• Summer Programs
• English Immersion Program for International Students (Academic Year)
• English Immersion Camps (Spring, Summer & Winter - 4 weeks to 3 months)
Off Rose Gallery Art Classes, Los Angeles
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Located on Flower Avenue in Venice on the west-side of Los Angeles, Off-Rose the Secret Studio-Gallery of Venice offers art classes that develop critical thinking and problem solving abilities while experiencing the joy of creativity. Students may develop a portfolio and / or have the opportunity to exhibit. Learn the elements of design and experience various media while gaining an awareness of art history.

Off-Rose the Secret Studio-Gallery of Venice was created with the intent of providing a venue for emerging artists of high quality and unique perceptions who have not yet acquired mainstream exposure. Off-Rose intends to offer serious collectors and the general public the opportunity to participate in art experiences, to dialogue with the artists, and to purchase fine art works at affordable prices.

A long term goal for Off-Rose is to provide exhibition space to young students who show interest and prospects of becoming fine artists in the future.
Off-Rose is pleased to offer ASL art instruction for the hearing impaired.

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