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UK Masters Degrees - Online & On-campus

1. Arden University - Online Masters Degrees
Courses / Programs
Arden University specialises in offering high quality distance learning degree programmes for people of all ages.  Our online Master degree programmes offer the unique opportunity to study for your MA, MSc, or MBA degree alongside the commitments of family and work, which makes these programmes ideally suited to mature students who are interested to enhance their knowledge and career opportunities.

Within your chosen area of study, Master's graduates are expected to:

-Possess an advanced knowledge of both theoretical and applied topics

-Be highly skilled in analysis and critical evaluation and how to apply them in a professional way

-Have the ability to solve a number of complex problems

-Think meticulously and independently during every task

A Master's Degree will help you to achieve a much higher level in your chosen career and greatly increases your earning potential too.

Why study a Master's with Arden?

If you're looking to take the leap to a much higher-level career, then Arden University is the perfect choice.

Not only do we offer accredited, career-focused and Internationally-recognised Master's qualifications which help you put theory into practice and help boost your knowledge, confidence and enjoyment of your chosen area but you also get 2 flexible study options.

As well as offering high quality online degree programmes, Arden University has physical study centres in London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Berlin, Germany, for UK & international students from around the world.
MBA (Finance)
MBA (Data Analytics)
MSc Psychology (BPS)
MA Human Resource Management (CIPD)
MA Strategic Marketing (CIM)
MSc Engineering Management (CMI)
MSc IT Security Management
MSc Strategic IT Management
MSc Project Management (APM)
MSc Telecommunications Management
MSc Enterprise Architecture Management
MSc Data Analytics & Project Management
MSc Data Analytics & Operations Management
MSc Data Analytics & Human Resource Management
MSc Data Analytics & Enterprise Architecture
MSc Data Analytics & Information Systems Management
MSc Data Analytics & IT Security Management
Updated: 2021-09-08
Updated: 2021-09-08
2. Arden University - MSc Psychology (BPS) Online
Courses / Programs
Study Online & Earn Your UK Degree from Anywhere in the World

• Are you determined to pursue a professional career in Psychology but don’t have a Postgraduate Degree in the subject? 

• Arden University specialises in offering high quality degree programmes for people of all ages, including a Master's degree conversion course: MSc Psychology (Hons).

• Our conversion Master's Degree allows you to study your Master's in Psychology as long as you hold a Bachelor's degree in any field.

• Our online Psychology Master's Degree at Arden University will equip you with the knowledge and understanding of core areas of Psychology, and will prepare you to make ethical and evidence-based decisions in the field.

Delivered 100% online, this Master's degree conversion course will enable you to develop key skills of huge value to employers in many industries and roles.

• The distance learning delivery mode of the programme allows you to maintain your existing commitments of work and/or family while you pursue your Master's Degree in Psychology, accredited by the British Psychological Society.
MSc Psychology (BPS), degree programme accredited by the British Psychological Society.

Course Modules
- Research Methods
- Cognitive Psychology
- Social Psychology
- Individual Differences and Abnormal Psychology
- Lifespan Development
- Behavioural Neuroscience
- Advanced Psychology Project
Updated: 2021-09-08
Updated: 2021-09-08
3. Arden University - MSc Engineering Management (CMI) Online
Courses / Programs
• For over 25 years, Arden University has positioned themselves as online learning specialists, enabling students globally to access their career-focused programmes via distance learning platforms.

• If you are a practising engineer looking to move into a management post then this Master’s level program is for you.

• The course will develop the skills and knowledge you need to manage both day to day activities as well as complex engineering projects. You will focus on quality management, sustainability and supply chain and operations.

• As you absorb the content of each module in our Engineering Management Master's Degree you will grow your understanding of strategic engineering principles and develop the capability to apply these into your real-world career setting to add value and get ahead.

• Alongside your Master's of Science degree in Engineering Management from Arden University, you’ll get a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 6 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership – industry-recognised, and a fast-track route toward Chartered Manager status.

• With physical study centres in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Berlin Germany, Arden University specialises in offering high quality degree programmes, including an online study option for UK and international students around the world.
MSc Engineering Management (CMI)

Study Modules
Operations and Supply Chain Management
Project Management Techniques
Sustainability in Theory and Practice
Risk Management and Innovation
Quality Management
Data Handling and Decision Making
Research Project

Please note that the modules listed are indicative and may be subject to change.
Updated: 2021-09-08
Updated: 2021-09-08
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