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Vegan Pastry & Cuisine School in Normandy, northern France

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Gentle Gourmet Concept at the Domaine de Brocfontaine:
With our training center in Brosville in Normandy, northern France, Gentle Gourmet Concept's offers short, intensive vegan cooking programs for individuals and professionals from around the globe looking to raise their culinary expertise. Gentle Gourmet Concept's was formed with an experienced team that has been working for more than 15 years in the gastronomic restaurant sector and in the hotel industry.

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Photo of Vegan Pastry & Cuisine School in Normandy, northern FranceVegan Cooking Classes in Normandy:

Certificate Course in Vegan Pastry:
Duration: 6 weeks

This course covers basic pastry techniques and specific vegan savoir-faire. It focuses on French pastry culture and explores international influences also.

 - Introduction to Vegan Pastry:
• The History of Pastry and Pastry Chefs
• Pastry classification
• Analysis of traditional ingredients and needs for alternatives
• Analysis of techniques and gestures
• Hygiene, Sanitation, Safety and Equipment in pastry production
• Sauces, coulis, glazes and aspics
• Creams and inserts
• Fruit, herbs, spices and other flavorings
• Weekly Evaluation

- Miscellaneous Cakes & Cookies:
• Shortcrust pastry “pâtes à foncer”- for tarts, millefeuilImage of Vegan Pastry & Cuisine School in Normandy, northern Franceles, French king cakes
• Leavened dough “pâtes levées”- viennoiseries (brioches, croissants, pains aux raisins…), rum baba
• “Pâtes battues”- génoise, biscuits (Joconde, Boudoir) and cake bases (Dacquoise, Progrès, Succès)
• Cooked doughs “les pâtes cuites”- pâte à choux and meringues
• Baker’s cakes “les gâteaux boulangers”- Custard Pie, madeleines, cannelés…
• Weekly Evaluation
- Aquafaba & Pate A Choux
• Aquafaba- pavlova, cakes with meringues (Dacquoise, Succès, Progrès), Charlotte
• Macarons
• Pâte à choux : Eclairs, Profiteroles, Pièces-montées
• Paris-Brest and Saint-Honoré- classical and contemporary versions
• Chocolate- varieties, uses (sauces, cakes, confectionary)
• Weekly Evaluation

- Top Fine Pastry
• The Great Cakes- Black Forest “Forêt Photos of Gentle Gourmet Concept at the Domaine de BrocfontaineNoir”, Strawberry Shortcake “Fraisier”, Opera
• Chef’s contemporary fine pastry
• International pastry
• Ice cream, sorbet, granita and ice desserts
• Holiday pastries
• Final Examination

Certificate Course in Vegan Cuisine:
Duration: 6 weeks

The goal of this intensive program is to prepare students to quickly enter a professional vegan context.
The program is for students with little or no restaurant or catering experience, contemplating a career in cuisine as well as for professionals with little or no vegan culinary education.

- Introduction to Vegan Gastronomy:
• Ingredients: seasonality, origins, varieties, uses and sourcing
• Ingredients and nutrition for a healthy vegan diet
• Preparation techniques and vocabulary
• Cooking techniques and vocabulary
• Vegan replacements for dairy, fish, meat, egg and honey
• Simple meal preparation and menu planning
• Weekly Evaluation

- The Art of the Start - or "How to open the clients’ appetite"
• Hors d’oeuvres
• Cocktail fare
• Cold and hot sauces, fonds and aspics
• Soups and salads
• Vegetable and mushroom Mastery
• Introduction to nuts, seeds, spices and herbs, beans and grains
• Weekly Evaluation

- The Art of the Main - From classical French to contemporary world cuisine
• Introduction to concept of a vegan main
• Introduction to Seitan, Tofu and Tempeh
• French Cuisine from Paris, Brittany, Normandy, Alsace, Bordeaux, Pays Basque, Provence, Alpes
• European and African cuisine – Nordic, Eastern, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Ethiopian, Moroccan
• Asian and Middle eastern Cuisine – China, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Lebanese
• North and South American cuisine: New England, Southern, South Western, Mexican, Brazilian, Caribbean
• Weekly Evaluation

- The Art of the Main - Contemporary World Cuisine
• European Cuisines from Scandinavia, East Europe, Italy, Spain, Greece
• African and Middle eastern Cuisines from Ethiopia, Morocco, Lebanon, Turkey
• Asian Cuisines from China, Japan, Thailand, India
• North and South American Cuisines from New England, South-East, South-West Mexico, Brazil, the Carribean
• Final Exam

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Address: Domaine de Brocfontaine 36 rue saint fiacre 27930 Brosville, Normandy, France
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• Situated in Yssingeaux in south-central France, ENSP has been recognized by top pastry professionals worldwide as France’s leading school in pastry and baking arts.

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French Pastry Arts Diploma Program:
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Superior French Pastry Arts Diploma:
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Bachelor in French Pastry Arts:
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French Chocolate & Confectionery Arts:
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On successful completion of your training, including the internship, you will be awarded a Certificate of Successful Completion, from Ferrandi and the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

At Ferrandi, it is our philosophy is that theory is best integrated when it is accompanied by hands-on practice. This is why 70% of course hours on our Intensive Professional Programs are spent in the kitchen or lab.

With top-notch learning facilities, our pedagogy is based on hands-on practice, individual and team work, and personalized guidance by qualified instructors, who all have significant, top-level industry experience with Michelin-starred chefs and other prestigious employers.
Intensive Professional Programs - taught in English:
- French Cuisine: 5 months (660 hours) + 3 to 6 month internship
- French Pastry: 5 months (660 hours) + 3 to 6 month internship
- French Bread Baking: 10 weeks (340 hours) + 2 month internship (optional)

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- Classic Pastries
- Chocolate and confiserie
- Cuisine bistronomique & more..

Half-day Pastry Courses:
- Choux pastry: sweet and savory variations
- Introduction to the Macaron

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After joining one of my wine and cheese tastings, epicurean Paris walks or a customized private day-trip out of Paris, you will better understand France through its gastronomy.

Most importantly, it’s fun to sample, sip, swirl, share, try and savor with other passionate food and wine lovers, while making new friends along the way.

Our courses are designed for beginners but even the most seasoned wine buff should not be bored.

Sharing in cultural differences and the sheer enjoyment of something new and different that you may have otherwise not been bold enough to try.
French Cooking & Wine Classes:
- Taught in English

Wine Tastings & Classes in Paris:
- Wine & Cheese Course
- Chef’s Table Wine Pairing Dinner
- Sparkling Paris & Champagne Course

Gourmet Food & Wine Walking Tours:
- Bordeaux to Burgundy Wine Walk
- Paris Market Walk
- Paris Chocolate & Pastries Walk
- Parisian Palate Walk
- Baguette to Bistro Gourmet Walk

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- Champagne Day Trip
- Loire Valley Experience

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Ducasse Education
Courses / Programs
• Are you searching for pastry chef training in Paris? Ducasse Education is a leading culinary and pastry arts school in France, run by the legendary, award-winning chef Alain Ducasse.

• Located in Argenteuil, near Paris, we provide intensive pastry chef training programs for international students, French students, practicing cooks, and professional chefs seeking to improve their pastry skills to enhance their career opportunities or as an enjoyable hobby.

• Combining theory with plenty of hands-on training, our Bachelor in Pastry Arts is taught in English or French by top-level instructors. Our shorter Pastry programs (2-7 months) are taught entirely in English.

• Our cooking courses cover not only the essential functional culinary skills, but also in-depth knowledge of a range of specialized topics.

• In addition to our Argenteuil school, we also have a training center in Yssingeaux, in the Haute-Loire department in south-central France.

Student Testimonial:

"The small class size allowed for close interaction with chef instructors. We used the best products, and made interesting recipes. I found each day to be a unique and rewarding challenge"
- Christian, USA, Practicing Chef
Bachelor Degree in French Pastry Arts:
• 3-year degree program (taught in English or French). Includes two 5-month internships.

French Pastry Arts Diploma Program:
• 6-months training & 2-month internship (taught in English)

French Chocolate & Confectionery Arts:
• 2-months training & 1-month internship (taught in English)

French Bakery Arts Program:
• 2-months training & a 1-month optional internship (taught in English)

French Pastry Campus (Summer & Spring)
• 2-months training & a 1-month optional internship (taught in English)
Gastronomicom International Culinary Academy
Courses / Programs
Situated in the historic town of Agde on the Mediterranean Coast in the South of France, Gastronomicom International Culinary Academy provides quality culinary arts career training courses to students from around the globe.

We offer French Cooking and French Pastry classes taught in English at one star Michelin level, practical work experience placements (internships), and French language courses.

Students receive a French Gourmet Certificate or Diploma upon full completion of a program. Students from Europe do not require a visa.

We are located in Cap d’Agde, which is in the picturesque Languedoc-Roussillon region on the Mediterranean seaside between Montpellier & Perpignan.

Our ultimate goal is that our students improve both their skills and knowledge of the food, beverage and gastronomy of the region and France, and the French language. The South of France boasts historic cities, varying and beautiful landscapes, and the most productive wine region in the world.

Gastronomicom also teaches French Gastronomy and refined Michelin star cooking techniques at our culinary arts school in Miami, Florida.

"I learned an incredible amount about pastry cooking and improved my level of French, and it is my goal to wrap up that training with one more final month of classes there and an internship working in a pastry kitchen afterwards. I am so looking forward to returning, and am determined to make this new Gastronomicom experience even better than the first."
- Emma
1-Month Gourmet Certificate Programs:
- Pastry & Cooking

8-week or 12-week Gastronomic Certificate Programs:
- French Pastry
- French Cooking

Combined with intensive French language lessons

Gastronomic + Internship Program:
- 12-week Gastronomic Program plus 4-month internship in a French hotel/restaurant

Cooking Diploma Courses:
- 1-Year Diploma Programs (includes 3-months pastry, 3-months cooking & 6-months internship)
- 2-Year Diploma in Gastronomic Food and Beverage Management