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Space Action Arcade Game - Starcom

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Starcom is an intense and challenging space-shuttle piloting and shooting action game where you have to protect the Galactic Starbase (the only human-inhabited space station in the area) from an overwhelmingly-large army of invading alien spacecraft. With the Galactic Command’s fleet strewn across the front-line of some faraway battle, they have offered you (a rookie fighter pilot, straight out of the training camp) the huge honor of becoming the galaxy’s only human spacecraft Commander. You must police the entire area around nearby planets, eliminating any threats, and picking up valuable information and artifacts from your slain adversaries.

Who dares to play the part of our hero space-shuttle pilot in this extremely difficult space alien shoot ‘em up adventure? You must expertly dodge and weave your way through masses of minuscule enemy fighters, larger hostile space stations, and explore the vastness of space on a daring mission to make your planet safe! Quick fingers, high levels of concentration, determination and supreme accuracy are all very important attributes to help achieve success. Have you got what it takes Space Champ? We certainly hope so - you’re the only thing that stands between these ruthless invaders and total annihilation of our world!

How to Play: Note: After the game loads, click on the blue ‘Continue’ button in the bottom right corner to load the Main Menu screen. At the start of each level, the ‘Galactic Command’ gives you a specific set of instructions as to what you need to accomplish. This might be to ‘eliminate all enemy spacecraft in the area’; ‘retrieve technology and artifacts from destroyed ships’; and so on. Control your spacecraft using the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard: W = Accelerate; A & D = Steer the ship. To utilize your missile cannon, aim using your computer mouse, and Left Click to fire (a crosshair-style target marker mimics the movement of your cursor).

In the top right corner of the game screen, your Radar Map shows incoming threats, and nearby planets and space stations (where enemy forces are indicated by red dots, while friendly technology and artifacts are indicated by green dots. Neutral planets are indicated by white / shining spheres). Collect any green artifacts and red boosters that you encounter. Below the map, your ‘Light Cannon’ Bar shows the amount of ammo you have remaining, while the Armor Bar acts as your Health. If your Armor Bar runs out, it's game over, and you have to begin again from the first Mission. Good Luck!

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