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Fun Defend Your Base Game - Magnetic Defense

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Magnetic Defense is a difficult, mouse-clicking ‘defend your base’ skill game where you have to pilot a specialized magnetic aircraft, and drop large pieces of metal junk onto oncoming enemy vehicles! Set in a futuristic world where all conventional weapons have been outlawed and destroyed, you have to harness the power of magnetism, and use your ‘salvage airship’ to destroy wave after wave of marching tanks, armored vehicles, and anti-aircraft trucks. This invading horde is envious of your planet’s peaceful way of life, so you must fight to protect it!

This unusual tower defense game requires steady mouse control, good battle tactics, pinpoint accuracy, and expert timing as you carefully choose the correct moment and location to drop your make-shift junk artillery on top of the unsuspecting aggressors. It’s time to ‘drop’ your own brand of sweet justice on these primitive missile-hoarders, and return your planet to the blissful, weapon-free environment that it once was! Happy junk dropping!

How to Play: Protect your base against a faceless convoy of enemy vehicles; Wave after wave approach your tower-like base from the right of the side scrolling game screen. Destroy these vehicles before they manage to destroy your base. Use your computer mouse or touchpad to control your magnetic ‘salvage airship’. This small aircraft has a powerful magnet attached from the bottom of it, and this magnet can be used to pick up any of the large pieces of metal junk scattered throughout the battlefield. The ship responds to, and mimics the movement of your mouse cursor. Simply hover the magnet next to a piece of junk to automatically attach it to your aircraft. Then, fly into the air, position the aircraft above an enemy vehicle, and Left Click to drop the steel junk on top of it.

If your ‘drop’ is accurate, the enemy vehicle explodes. Keep eliminating the oncoming vehicles in this manner until the entire ‘wave’ is destroyed. ‘Waves’ become more difficult to deal with as you progress, with extra vehicles and more powerful machines added each time. If an enemy vehicle reaches close to your base, they fire missiles at it, reducing the Health Bar along the bottom of the game screen. You can increase your base’s health by dropping junk on top of it in the same way you would eliminate an enemy. You can also increase your own aircraft’s health by clicking and holding the left mouse button while in the air (without any junk attached). In later levels, waves, anti-aircraft guns try to shoot your busy aircraft down. If either your base or aircraft are destroyed, it’s game over.

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