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Escape Action / Skill Game Online - Doodle Chicks

Rating: 8.4/10 - 152 votes

Doodle Chicks is a highly-challenging, interactive, platform-based action and puzzle game featuring cool notebook-style animation and 30 fun levels. You play the role of the brave ‘Doodle Chick’, and must avoid the scuttling ‘Hairy Monsters’ on your way to unlocking and escaping through the Exit Door. Of course, you must also contend with all kinds of classic platform obstacles and requirements such as acrobatic jumping, rope cutting, bubble bursting, and more!

Reasons to play this keyboard-control physics-based, skill game: This is a really enjoyable, retro-style, problem-solving game to exercise your analytical thinking skills, strategy planning, timing, hand-eye coordination, fast reactions as you plot your way through each enclosed platform level. There are little or no power-ups, shortcuts, or special moves – it's is a simple-yet-tricky escape game with a quirky copybook-style motif. Fans of good old-school platform games should feel right at home here.

Strategy to win: Figuring out the best way to neutralize the speedy monsters is the best way to escape the level. Carefully utilizing the various objects in each level is the key to success. You must also be patient, and prepared for lots of trial and error in your quest to complete all 30 levels!

How to Play: A Flash-based action game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). At the beginning of the game, the first 5 levels are available. However, for first-time players, we recommend that you start from Level 1 to get used to the controls. In each of the 30 progressively-difficult levels, your goal is to collect all of the Keys (there are usually 1 or 2), and then escape through the unlocked Exit Door. There are often instructions written on the walls throughout each level, so play close attention to these.

Control your Doodle Chick's movement using the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard. Each level features special aids and obstacles. For example, there might be balloons that you can click on to give your Chick an extra jumping boost, or special bubbles that allow your Chick to float into the air. However, there is also at least one ‘Hairy Monster’ enemy in each level. If these speedy baddies come into contact with your Chick, you must replay the level. If you get stuck, press the R Key on your keyboard to Restart a level at any time.

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