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Military Strategy / Empire Building Game - Hex Empire

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Are you ready for a totally intense war-strategy experience, where your ultimate goal is to conquer the world and build an empire? Hex Empire is an addicting turn-based strategy game slightly similar in theme to the classic board game Risk. You have to lead your armies into war across a hexagon-ally tiled map. Take on three other computer-controlled armies, and try to conquer them all. Step-by-step, town-by-town, you have to lead your chosen country to victory by using clever tactics and cunning war strategies. Build up your armies and overpower your enemies by outflanking, and outsmarting them. Fight on all fronts, from the land and the sea – but make sure to keep your defenses strong. Your decision making skills will be thoroughly tested, as you only have a certain amount of moves to advance your different army regiments in each turn. Have you got the brains, and the nerve, to become the ultimate war tactician? Ok General, it’s time to do battle!

How to Play: The game takes place on a large map of a virtual world, with cities and seas dotted across the map. There are four countries, each controlling their own main capital city. Your goal is to conquer the armies of each of the other countries, taking over the whole map and making your country the ultimate ruling empire. First, you have to choose which of the 4 countries you want to lead. Do this by clicking on your chosen capital city using your computer mouse or touchpad.

The game is turn-based – and each time it’s your turn, you have a certain number of ‘moves’ (indicated in the top left corner of the game screen). These moves consist of you advancing various regiments of your army. Do this by clicking on the icon at your capital city (shaped like a toy soldier). The hexagon-shaped tiles, that your regiment is able to advance to, glow yellow. Click on the tile that you want the army to go to. Each time you make a move, more recruits join your army. As you advance your regiments, you need to capture cities. Once one of your regiments enters a city, extra recruits join up. Keep adding extra regiments by advancing from your capital city, and other captured cities (this way you can send troops in all directions).

Hover your mouse over each of your various regiments to find out how many troops are in each of them. To defeat opposition armies, click and move one of your regiments onto their position. If you have more troops, and better morale (the other number when you hover over), your regiment will defeat theirs and you take over the territory where the battle has taken place. To cross the sea, bring one of your regiments to the port icon (shaped like an Anchor). From here, they can sail across the sea, gaining easier access to enemy territory.

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