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Play Star Wars Game Online - Yoda Battle Slash

Rating: 7.8/10 - 1375 votes

Yoda Battle Slash is an intense mouse-clicking Star Wars battle game featuring the most respected Jedi warrior of them all. Caught with no back-up, and with just his famous lightsabre as a weapon, the green Jedi legend Yoda must use the Force to withstand a massive onslaught of hovercraft flying droids in the midst of an epic mid-air fight-out. Help Yoda to expertly jump from hovercraft to hovercraft, destroying the approaching droids, and picking up valuable power-ups along the way. Don’t be fooled by Yoda’s diminutive frame and friendly nature - this fearsome old Jedi master has more than a few spectacular tricks up his sleeve!

This simple yet highly-addicting jumping skill game requires pinpoint mouse clicking ability as well as an instinct to predict the path of the oncoming droid robots. Devotees of the Star Wars franchise will surely enjoy being reunited with one of the most iconic characters of the legendary movie series, while fans of old school arcade-style platform games should also enjoy the light sabre-wielding action! If you’ve got the desire and ability to assist Yoda in one final battle royal, we might just be able to borrow a phrase from the Master himself - “the Force is strong with this one”.

How to Play: The controls follow a simple point-and-click method using your computer mouse or touchpad. Your goal is very simple – destroy the attacking droids, and try to survive for as long as you can by jumping from hovercraft to hovercraft, collecting power-ups as you progress. You have to score as many points as possible before the ticking gold timer runs out (in the top right corner of the game screen).

Once you click ‘Start’ on the main menu screen, you are immediately transported directly to the action where Yoda rides along the side-scrolling game screen on a fast-moving hovercraft manned by an already destroyed droid. More droids fly all around. Aim at the enemy using your mouse cursor, and Left Click to leap toward the next droid. If your jump is on target, Yoda destroys the next droid with a slash of his lightsabre, and takes control of that hovercraft. You then have to continue to jump from one hovercraft to the next.

You score points for successful jumps and for each eliminated droid. If you mistime a jump, and fail to connect with another hovercraft – don’t worry. Yoda lands softly on a nearby building, and then nimbly leaps back into the action. Circular Power-up Icons appear along the way. Collect the Green and Red Power-ups to perform a special attack that wipes out all droids in the vicinity. Capturing the Gold Power-up increases the timer in the top right corner of the game screen.

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