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Fun Mars Mining Adventure Game - Motherload

Rating: 8.6/10 - 6524 votes

It’s time for an epic Martian mining adventure that is literally, out of this world! Motherload is a fun skill game for kids where you have to dig deep down into the rich ground on planet Mars, and find as many valuable minerals and treasures as you can in your ultimate search for the ‘Motherload’ - a fabled cache of rare hidden gemstones. Explore down into the depths of Mars’ crust using your very own futuristic robotic digging device!

This unusual archaeological/ treasure hunt-themed arcade game requires fast fingers and even faster reactions as you have to avoid dangerous gas pockets and potentially lethal earthquakes (or should that be "marsquakes"?) under the surface on the Red Planet. Score as many points as possible and see if you can top the Mining Championship Leaderboard. We want to see a mining masterclass - can you dig it up?

How to Play: Your hovercraft-style Mining Pod is capable of digging straight down into the layers of soil. Once it’s under the surface, it can dig both horizontally (downward) and vertically. You can control the Mining Pod using the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard or touchpad. Alternatively, you can direct it using your mouse; Aim using your cursor, and click to dig in the direction that your cursor is pointing. Your ultimate goal is to find the ‘Motherload’ of hidden gems, but that’s a long way down!

Collect as many of the valuable minerals (iron, gold, platinum, and more), treasures and religious artifacts as you can to earn points and virtual income. The virtual income can be used to purchase upgrades for your digging machine from the stations located on the surface. Luckily, in this version of the game, you have unlimited reserves of fuel, and there’s no need to purchase any repairs! Try to avoid hitting any gas pockets, as this could damage your Mining Pod. You continue to receive grainy messages from base camp about a possible danger somewhere beneath the surface. Let’s hope it’s just a false alarm!

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