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Play Tricky Rick - Adventure Platform Game

Rating: 8.7/10 - 595 votes

Tricky Rick is a challenging and highly-stimulating online platform adventure puzzle game where you have to guide a clunky, primitive robot through a series of tricky task-based levels. Rick the Robot has a very specific problem – his spaceship has crash-landed on Earth, and he needs to collect enough lost fuel to leave this planet, and return to his futuristic-style homeland. You have to carefully and methodically maneuver Rick through each platform-based challenge by combining your own keyboard skills with his many varied attributes. Rick can run, jump, use a jet-pack, pick up objects, throw objects, and more – and your job is to utilize these skills in order to retrieve a fuel can, and successfully escape from each level.

This light-hearted and innovative skill-based problem solving game is a stern test of both your reaction speed and mental sharpness. Not only do you need to exhibit good concentration skills and dogged determination to succeed, but you also face a thorough examination of your expert timing, and snappy keyboard-tapping ability. Rick’s movements have to be precise, tactful, and decisive. Increasing your skill-set and adaptability toward Rick’s attributes over the course of the 30 levels is the key. This lovable robot rogue needs your utmost attention! Can you do your best as a good citizen of this planet to help him travel all the way back to his distant home?

How to Play: In each of the 30 increasingly challenging levels, Rick must collect an orange canister of fuel, and escape through a designated exit door. Once Rick picks up the canister of fuel, the level exit becomes clearly visible with a flashing yellow ‘Exit’ sign. This Exit is usually situated on a high, difficult-to-reach ledge, so you need to use Rick’s various attributes in order to get to it. Use the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard to control Rick’s movements; Up Arrow / W = Jump; Left & Right Arrows / A & D = Move; Down Arrow / S = pick up object. Once Rick has the fuel canister in his hands, he can run through the Exit passage and progress to the next level.

There are various skill-based tasks that you have to accomplish in each level. For example, you might have to flip switches, open doors, disable enemy robots, knock down walls etc. Press the CTRL key to throw Rick’s head at enemy robots. This momentarily stuns them, allowing Rick to sneak past (remember to pick up his head on the way by). Press Spacebar when standing on an elevator in order to activate it. When holding a hammer, press the CTRL key to swing it. In later levels, you may have to use Rick’s jet-pack. The controls for this are the same as normal movement controls, but you need to collect a battery pack in order to activate the jet pack. If you get stuck at any stage, press the R Key on your keyboard in order to restart the level.

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