Play escape games online, free adventure strategy games for PC, Mac, iPad, tablet without downloading: Scoregamites game is a fun adventure platform activity for kids (girls & boys) to play now. Cool new action games, RPG skill games, maze flash games for middle/ high school age kids online.
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Fun Adventure Strategy Platform Game - Scoregamites

Rating: 7.6/10 - 400 votes

Love adventure problem solving activities and fun escape games? Scoregamites is a highly-stimulating and addicting platform puzzle game for kids and teens where you have to utilize good strategy, logical thinking skills, and solid teamwork in order to guide a small group of cute cartoon game designers to an exit portal in each level. Similar in style to a classic adventure game, here you have to build bridges, flip switches, create pathways, use characters as stepping-stones, and basically find a solution to each level in any way possible! The Scoregamites are a team of timid cartoon game developers who have been individually imprisoned by the cunning Royal Tyrant. Joel, the only character to escape, has to free his pals by releasing them from their cages. As you progress, these freed characters join your formidable team of problem-solvers, one-by-one.

This interactive brain teaser activity combines typical platform-style running & jumping action with intricate problem-solving challenges. Good creative engineering skills are required here as you work out how to use each individual character as a tool in order to negotiate your way through each level, and to ensure your Scoregamites work as unselfish team players by stacking on top of each other, standing on switches, becoming platforms etc. You also need to use good concentration and observation skills, deft keyboard tapping, and pinpoint timing in order to weave your way around obstacles and through each increasingly tricky level. Can you help all 7 characters to escape to freedom? Enjoy the spirit of teamwork!

How to Play: (Note: Pay close attention to the written tips displayed in the opening level as these are extremely important for getting to grips with the controls). In each level, your goal is to guide all characters to the white Exit Portal (a rotating windmill impeller). Use the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard to control the movement of all characters. Once a character is positioned underneath the Exit Portal - press your UP arrow key to jump into the portal. Do so for each Scoregamite to teleport it into the next level.

The key in each level is to activate the ‘Red Ball’ switches. When a character touches off of these switches, it causes ledges to appear, doorways to open, bridges to form etc. In Level 1, you begin the game with Joel (Character #1) as the only available character. Joel has to then release Dawn (Character #2) from her cage by simply coming into contact with the cage.

Once you release Dawn, you can switch between the two characters via the number keys on your keyboard (1 for Joel, 2 for Dawn). Subsequently, in later levels, you can alternate between all of the freed characters using the number keys (there are 7 characters in total). In later levels, then you have three or more characters at your disposal, you can stack them on top of each other in order to reach higher ledges, use some to flip switches, others to open doors etc. Through using this method of intelligent teamwork, you can guide all of the characters to the white Exit Portal. If you get stuck on route, press Spacebar, and then click the ‘Restart’ button in order to replay the level. Good luck!

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