Play nostalgia arcade games like 1980s computer games free online without download: Squeez game for PC, Mac, iPad, an arcade action games for young kids, teens (girls & boys) to play now. Fun flash computer games to help & improve hand eye coordination, new interactive brain teaser games.
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1980s PC Games-style Arcade Game - Squeez

Rating: 7.8/10 - 288 votes

Sometimes the simplest online games can be the most rewarding and addicting! You don’t always need a layered plot and HD realism to become engrossed in an online game – and here’s the proof! Squeez is a classic 80s-style raster graphics arcade game where you control a squeezable moving ball that you can make smaller on command using your computer mouse. You have to carefully guide this ‘Squeez Ball’ on a dangerous fast-moving journey through a narrow cavern which contains small gaps in its walls. By tactfully reducing the size of your Squeez Ball, you have to try to survive for as long as possible. The catch is that the speed of your passage increases as you progress while the wall openings get smaller and smaller!

This fun and original action game is wonderfully reminiscent of iconic 1980s arcade games such as Space Invaders, Time Pilot, Asteroids, and other flight-based titles. It proves a surprisingly tricky test of your concentration and observation skills, quick reactions, and use of your mouse. Enjoy this awesome trip back in time!

How to Play: The game moves from left-to-right in a side scrolling manner, with the speed increasing as you progress. Your goal is to survive for as long as possible by carefully maneuvering your Squeez Ball on an increasingly dangerous journey through a narrow green cavern. The cavern is broken up into small chambers which are separated by large white walls / columns. These walls all have at least one small open through which your Ball can pass.

Your Squeez Ball mimics the movement of your computer mouse; left Click and hold down your mouse button in order to reduce the size of your ball. This makes it much easier to slip through the gaps from one chamber to the next. Release the click to allow your Ball to return to its original size. Collect the Green Power-Up Dots (scattered randomly throughout the cavern) in order to increase your score at the top of the game screen. The occasional Star Power-ups placed along the route are extremely valuable in that they render your Squeez Ball invincible for a short period of time, and give it extra power to attract nearby Green Power-Up Dots. However, in the normal course of the game, if your Squeez Ball comes into contact with one of the walls, you lose a life. You have 3 lives in total (indicated at the top of the play area).

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