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Fun 1980s Arcade-style Game - Distopix

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Are you nostalgic for classic arcade-style games? Eagerly searching for a simple online challenge with retro graphics and a cool 1980’s motif? Well, look no further than Distopix - a straight-forward yet addicting ‘falling block’ skill game with a twist! While there is a constant stream of differently-shaped blocks that you have to dodge and weave around, you also have to contend with a frequently changing game screen that morphs from large to small, from vertical to horizontal-shaped, and flips from side to side at regular intervals.

This fun and original 1-player arcade activity for all ages requires good concentration skills and quick reactions as you try to keep cool under the added pressure of the constantly shifting game grid. It should prove a hit with any fans of good-old block moving activities online such as the original ‘Pong’ and ‘Breakout’ games. How long can you avoid the falling blocks?

How to Play: You control the blue Rectangle located at the bottom of the game grid. Use the Left and Right Arrow keys on your computer keyboard to move your Rectangle from side to side. Your goal is to avoid the red and orange shapes that descend from the top of the game screen toward your Rectangle. You simply have to score as many points as you can by surviving for as long as possible. Each time one of the descending shapes comes impacts with your Rectangle, you lose a square from your Health Bar in the bottom right corner. Your Rectangle takes a couple of seconds to regenerate to its full blue color, and then it is vulnerable to descending shapes once more. You have five Health Squares in total, and once all of them are used up, it’s game over.

The real challenge comes when the grid starts to shift around the game screen. The grid can move from side to side, flip upside down, shift diagonally, morph into a squished-up version of itself, and more. It can even become inverted so that the opposite controls are active (Right Arrow sends the Rectangle to the left, and vice versa). The trick is to keep cool, and keep trying to dodge and avoid the descending shapes regardless of the shifting grid. Enjoy!

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