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1 & 2 Player Arcade Games - Bombit

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Bombit is a fun, action-packed Pacman-style arcade game where you have to race around a maze-style arena trying to eliminate your robot competitors by planting a steady supply of small-but-deadly bombs; You must strategically place your explosives, run for cover, and hope to catch your computer-controlled enemies in the blast radius. You play the role of a heavily-armed robot bomber, and have to dominate the large Pacman-esque grid using a strong combination of smart bomb placing strategy, and good defensive movement. It’s an absolute Bombing Battle Royale out there, and only the last robot standing will emerge victorious!

Quick reactions in a changing game environment and fast keyboard tapping skills are very important here. This quirky online skill game features a cool multiplayer mode where you and a friend can either team up to take on the computer, or pit your wits against each other! Experienced devotees of classic arcade games such as Bomberman and Pacman should be familiar with the distinctive grid-based gameplay, while new younger players can simply flex their fingers and enjoy the explosive action! But have you got the essential skills to become a true Bombit champ? Or will you just bomb out of contention?..

How to Play: Select to play in 1 Player Mode or 2 Player Mode. Your goal is is the same in both game modes - to eliminate all of the computer-controlled enemy robots from the game grid. However, players can choose to work together or against each other in 2 Player Mode! In 1 Player Mode, control your Bombit robot using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Press Spacebar to plant a bomb. In 2 Player Mode, Player 1 uses the WASD Keys to move, and Spacebar to plant bombs, while Player 2 uses the Arrow Keys to move and the Enter / Return Key to plant bombs.

Once you plant the standard black bomb, you have about 3 seconds before it detonates. A bomb destroys some of the general grid environment around it, and eliminates any Bombit robot who is caught in the blast range (unless that robot is shielded). Your goal is to eliminate other robots by catching them off guard, and surprising them with a cunningly well-placed bomb. Another tactic is to pin an opponent where they cannot escape the radius of two closely placed bombs. There are many upgrades and power-ups to be collected in each level such as ‘Super Speed’, ‘Missile Bombs’, ‘Shield Health’, and more. Each level lasts for 3 minutes, as indicated on the left side of the play area. You can see the status / upgrade level of all of the robots along the left side of the game zone. Enjoy the battle extraordinaire!

This HTML5 game works on PC/Mac and is unfortunately not compatible with mobile devices.

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