Play online 1980s arcade games/ classic shoot em up arcade games style with no download: Metroid Elements game online is a fun arcade adventure games for kids, teens, nostalgic grownups on the web. 2d action flash games, free alien shooting arcade games for PC, Mac, iPad, tablet..
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Classic Shoot em Up Arcade-style Game - Metroid Elements

Rating: 8.4/10 - 427 votes

Metroid Elements is an old-school raster graphics-style platform game based on the classic Nintendo action adventure series ‘Metroid’, and nostalgic fans of 1980s arcade classics should really appreciate the modest 2D graphics and fast gameplay on show. You play the role of legendary intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran, and have to forcefully deal with all kinds of slimy and dangerous space creatures throughout an inter-connected 2D side-scrolling universe. Similar in style to the original version of Metroid, you are tasked with exploring the vast caverns in a pyramid on the planet W.A.D.3., blasting any enemies that stand in your way along a challenging quest to eliminate any lasting Metroid threat.

This addicting online shoot ‘em up game combines the classic elements of iconic platformers, space-alien shooting games, and good old fashioned, arcade-style adventures. Once you get used to the sensitive controls, you need to exhibit a deft touch on the keyboard in order to travel deep into this labyrinth (some accuracy in your shooting is also very welcome). Happy bounty hunting!

How to Play: The game takes place in a series of inter-connected, side scrolling ‘rooms’ that are mapped out in a grid-style mini map at the bottom of the game screen. You must explore through these various rooms, eliminating enemies, and trying to find and defeat ‘boss’ characters. Your character (Samus Aran) can easily move from one ‘room’ to the next by simply walking along the side-scrolling game screen. Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control Samus Aran’s movements. Press the Up Arrow to point your gun upward, and press the Down Arrow to duck. Press your Z Key to jump, and the X Key to fire your weapon.

You can see where your character is positioned as indicated by the flashing green square on the mini map at the bottom of the game screen. The blue squares are rooms that you have already been in, while the black squares are yet-to-be visited rooms. You only have one life in Metroid: Elements, so treat it preciously. Keep an eye on your Health in the bottom left corner; At the start of the game, this stands at 100, but each time you come into contact with an enemy, you lose points from this total. If your Health Total reaches zero, it’s game over. Likewise, if you fall down one of the many ravines, or into one of the many lava pits, it’s again game over.

Note: The tutorial mentions a ‘password continue’ feature where you can return to the spot that you lost your life by entering a password on the Title Screen. Ignore this message here, as this feature has been disabled.

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