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Good Fun Arcade Game - Colorball 2

Rating: 7.5/10 - 412 votes

Colorball 2 is a fun and fast-paced skill game where you have to quickly collect various different-colored balls that are streaming across the screen. You play the role of a Ball Catcher, and you have to dodge around the area, scooping up all the balls of the same color as your own ‘Collecting Ball’. The rules and controls are exceedingly simple – but that doesn’t make it any easier! The speed of this arcade-style game increases as you progress, so you’ll need quick reactions to succeed. Dodge and weave your Ball through the oncoming wave – just make sure you only collect the ones that are the same color. This color changes throughout the action, so you are constantly on the edge of your seat!

Your observation skills and hand eye coordination will be thoroughly tested in this tricky ball-collecting activity, as it’s easy to get confused or caught out by the sheer volume of colored balls flying across the screen. Avoid making mistakes, and try to survive for as long as you possibly can to achieve that high score. Are you ready for a colorful arcade game that really gives a new meaning to the term ‘Dodge-ball’? It’s time to weave your way to glory. Good luck!

How to Play: There are 4 different types of colored balls – Red, Yellow, Blue & Green. These balls all steam across the game screen from left to right. Your goal is to collect the same colored balls as your own ‘Collecting Ball’. Your mouse cursor takes the form of a Collecting Ball (one of the four colors), and you have to hit off all the balls of the same color as they fly past to succeed. When your cursor is in the form of the Collecting Ball, it has different properties, depending on the color.

The Yellow Ball (aka the Dragger) moves normally, like your mouse cursor. The Blue Ball (aka the Inviso Ball) – is almost invisible, and you can only see a faint outline of it. The Green Ball (aka the Expander) grows bigger, which makes it more difficult to maneuver. The Red Ball (aka the Hyper Ball) speeds everything up.

Your ‘Collecting Ball’ changes between the four colors every few seconds. If you collect a ball that isn’t the same color, or let one of the same color reach all the way to the right of the game screen, you lose a life. The ‘Mistakes Left’ icon shows how many lives you have remaining. Tip: The Arrow Pointer in the background shows you which color your Collecting Ball is going to change to next, so keep an eye on it to stay one step ahead. Have fun!

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