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Comet / Asteroid Shooting Game - Missile Strike

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Missile Strike is a fast-paced, aiming and shooting-based tower defense game set on the Moon! Here, you must quickly and efficiently launch missiles into space in order to destroy the dozens of incoming comets / asteroids that threaten to destroy your space bases. Choose to defend just one base at a time, or test yourself with the more difficult 3-base mode! Showcase your accurate missile-firing talent, and survive for as long as possible!

Skills / strategy required: As head of Anti-Asteroid Firepower, you must combine sharp concentration skills with fast reflexes as you attempt to obliterate as many falling asteroids as possible. A good strategy (especially when you are under pressure) is to ignore asteroids that aren't threatening your bases. Focus on the ones that are careering toward your bases, and take them out as priority targets!

How to Play: A Flash-based, tower defense / aim and shoot game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). Before you begin the action, you must select your game mode. In 3 Base mode, you defend three bases at once, while in 1 Base mode, there is only one central base to defend. For beginner players, we recommend trying 1 Base mode first, and then graduating up to 3 Base when you have a grasp of the controls.

When the action begins, you have two distinct weapons. Your general missiles are fired using your computer mouse or touchpad. Aim using your mouse cursor, and Left Click to fire. When you are in deep trouble, press Spacebar to launch the Big Bomb – a giant missile that takes out all asteroids on the game screen at once.

Although you ‘level up’ each time you eliminate a set number of asteroids, there are no stoppages, and game continues as if it was a ‘one-level’ challenge. When all of your bases have been destroyed, it's game over.

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