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Magic Cup is a game with 4 paper style cups and a small ball. This is a concentration tester, there will be a little ball hidden underneath one of the cups and then these cups will be mixed around in stages, each stage getting progressively more difficult to follow. Can you follow the ball and then reveal the correct position come the end of the mixing? Let's find out!

The aim of the game is to remember where the balls is, and follow it as it moves around within the cups. Do not take your eye off the specific cup otherwise you will lose its position. As it gets faster and faster, it will become more and more difficult to follow so ensure you have your eagle eye vision on! Stay focussed and concentrated as you follow the correct cup. Your observation skills will be developed here! Try not to get distracted and choose the correct position come the end of the stage!

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Memory Games 1 2
Best-Rated 1 2