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Play Fun Wheelie Stunts Game - Kid Bike

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Calling all mischievous young daredevils out there – are you ready for an eccentric dirt bike stunt extravaganza with a fantastically simple concept? Kid Bike is a fun and addicting stunt bike game where you have to overcome a difficult obstacle course on a cool FMX-style bike. You play the role of Evil Kid-evel, a cheeky chap who has to constantly pull ‘Wheelies’, meaning keep his front wheel in the air for as long as possible while performing stunts. Travel as far as possible along the treacherous obstacle course with your front wheel off the ground. The further you travel, the higher up on the All-Time Daredevil Leaderboard you go!

Freestyle motocross biking has never been so challenging! Keeping your bike balanced and avoiding tipping backwards over your head can prove extremely tricky. Hitting your front wheel off the ground causes you to lose a life (you have 3), so keep that Wheelie going for as long as you can! You need to exhibit intricate finger-tapping skills, and a steady hand to keep control of your bike, and to make sure it doesn’t topple over. Ok Kid Biker Extraordinaire, it’s time to strap on your helmet! (Safety first always!)

How to Play: Your goal is simple; keep your FMX bike moving along the obstacle course for as long as possible without letting your front wheel touch the ground. You can move your bike by pressing any key on your computer keyboard, but we recommend that you use the Spacebar (the biggest and easiest key to keep control of). Alternatively, you can move by Left Clicking on your computer mouse or touchpad. Each time you press a Key, the bike moves forward with the front wheel in the air.

If you keep your finger on Spacebar or Left Click for too long, the bike tips over, you crash, and it’s game over. The trick is to lightly press your button of choice every second or so to keep your momentum going with your front wheel off the ground. If you get into a rhythm of just nudging the bike along every split-second, you’ll go far! You can see how far you’ve traveled (in meters, but you can treat these as approximate yards) in the top left corner of the game screen. If your front wheel hits the ground, the wheel flashes red, and you lose one of your 3 lives indicated in the top right corner. Once all 3 lives are used, one further impact of the front wheel off the ground means curtains – and you have to start all over again.

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