Play brainpower games online for free, cognitive thinking games to improve your brain skills, no download: Elevators Logic game, a really good & tough brain training game for kids (elementary school age girls/ boys), middle / high school students, adults, seniors, medical patients.
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Cool Game to help Exercise / Improve Brain Skills - Elevators Logic

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Play a cool, fun and addicting interactive puzzler: Exercise and sharpen your cognitive and problem-solving skills with this challenging and stimulating puzzle game where you must position 5 elevators between the 21st and 25th floors using math-based logic! Elevators Logic is a real head-scratcher of a game for older kids (8+ year olds), high school teens and adults - combining ordinary addition and subtraction logic with a passion for solving brain teasers. In this tough puzzle, your ultimate goal is to open the doors of five elevators and free the elevator occupants. 

Unfortunately for the passengers, this set of elevators operate on a bizarre system full of quirky rules! They must move two at a time, and can only go up 8 or down 13 floors at a time! Another big catch is that the elevator doors will only open when ALL FIVE elevators lie between the 21st and 25th floors inclusive! Phew! With all these rules, you just know this is going to be tricky, and immersive!

Reasons to play: This fun visual and logic-based puzzle should prove a rewarding activity for those who enjoy interactive mind games that are built on simple concepts with tricky challenges attached! It could also be used as a fun reinforcement activity for cognitive learning & development. Test and exercise your analytical thinking and cognitive skills, common sense reasoning, problem-solving determination and stamina as you strive to get all of the elevators to the required floors! Sharp math skills (requiring simultaneous adding and subtracting) also come into play as you try to visualize and solve in advance the best way to get all five elevators to where you need them to go.

How to Play: A Flash-based, logic puzzle / brain teaser game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). There are 5 elevators in the building, and all of them begin the game on random floors. Your task is to free the occupants of the five elevators by opening the doors. However, the doors only open when all five elevators are positioned between the 21st and 25th floors (inclusive). There are some special rules that you must observe when operating the elevators:

  • You must select two elevators at a time to move
  • Your two selected elevators must either go UP 8 floors, or DOWN 13 floors
  • The building has 49 floors. The elevators do not go above Floor 49, or below Floor 0

Using your computer mouse or touchpad, click on the two elevators you want to move, and then click on either the +8 or -13 button. Repeat this process until you get all five elevators lying between the 21st and 25th floors. It doesn't matter if they are on different floors at the end, as long as all five are on Floor 21, 22, 23, 24 or 25. If you get stuck and want to reset the game, click on the 'Start Again' button at the bottom of the play area.

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