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Brain Teaser Puzzle Game - Castle Block Destruction

Rating: 8.4/10 - 2255 votes

Put on your hard hat – it’s demolition time! Building Blaster 2 is a fun construction-based puzzle game where you have to demolish buildings using a huge arsenal of explosives – including dynamite, C4, missiles and more! In each level, you have to detonate a certain amount of explosives, and must ensure the rubble and debris completely falls out of a highlighted red area to succeed. Use your engineering skills to carefully destroy various structures, and bring them tumbling to the ground.

Strategic planning and timing is very important in this tricky building puzzle, as you can set your explosives to go off at different times, thus increasing the destruction! The more carnage you create, the more virtual income you earn. You can use this to purchase more dynamite and other explosives to help you along the way. Although this is a game of destruction, you have to use your creative engineering abilities to ensure the structures fall in the right direction – as you lose points if the rubble hits off civilians. Are you ready for a big blast? Good, but you’d better cover your ears! BOOM!

How to Play: In each level, part of a structure is in a Highlighted Red Area. It’s your goal to blast in and around the foundations and beams of the structure so none of it ends up in that highlighted area after the explosives are detonated. You start off with dynamite, but can purchase more powerful explosives in later levels. To place your explosives, point-and-click using your computer mouse. You can place as many as 20 sticks of dynamite in any one level. These sticks don’t have to be positioned on or within the beams of the building – they can be to the side or above it as well. Once you are happy with the positioning of your explosives, click the red ‘Detonate’ button at the bottom of the game screen. If the debris and rubble falls out of the Highlighted Area, it turns green. If it stays green for the duration of a little countdown timer, you progress to the next level. If the Area is red when the timer fully counts down, you have to replay the level.

To reset the building at any stage, click the green ‘Reset’ button. In some levels, there are civilians that you must avoid (try not to hit with rubble). If you do hit them, you lose points. However, one of your building industry rivals occasionally snoops around (a tall skinny man with a hardhat and sunglasses). If you hit him with the rubble, you earn extra points. Use virtual income to purchase new explosives from the Shop that can be accessed by clicking the icon in the bottom left hand corner.

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