Free online demolition game for kids (boys, girls) to play without download: Destroy buildings with dynamite/ explosives simulation game for PC, Mac, iPad, destruction games for children to have fun/ take out aggression & to cause virtual damage/ make a mess online at home on computer.
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Free Online Demolition Game - Demolition City

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Put on your hard hat, it’s demolition time! Demolition City is a fun, gravity and construction engineering-based game where your mission is to successfully demolish a skyscraper in each level. You are given a certain amount of dynamite to blow up each building, and you have to get the rubble to fall below a certain height to progress. You basically have to cause as much destruction as you can! Use your knowledge of physics and gravity to strategically place the dynamite so that each building crumbles to the ground. The more carnage you create, the more points you earn, and the faster you progress to the more difficult challenges.

Although this is a game of destruction, you will have to use your creative engineering abilities to succeed in this fun educational activity. You have to make sure that the buildings being demolished fall in a certain direction to avoid other buildings, so you’ll need to use your knowledge of physics (gravity) to progress in this problem solving game. Are you ready for a blast? Ok Demolition Master, show us how destructive you can be.

How to Play: In each of the 20 levels, you have to place sticks of dynamite in the foundations of tall buildings. There is a line running across the game screen that the rubble of the demolished building must fall under for you to progress to the next level. You only have a certain amount of dynamite sticks in each level. You can see how many of them you have remaining at the bottom of the game screen. To plant a stick of dynamite, Left Click on any of the light grey beams (parts) of the building using your computer mouse. You are not allowed to place more than one stick of dynamite in a beam. You cannot place dynamite in the darker beams as they cannot be destroyed.

When you think you have put the dynamite in the right places, click ‘BOOM’ in the bottom right hand corner of the game screen. This sets off the explosion, and hopefully the building falls below the rubble line. If parts of the structure are still above the line after the explosion, you must try again. Click ‘Reset’ to start the level again. In some levels, there are other buildings that you cannot touch with any of the falling rubble. If any of the rubble hits off the neighboring building, you have to start again. Good luck!

Tip: Try to strategically place the dynamite to helps ensure that the building being demolished falls in the opposite direction.

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