Build your own rollercoaster games free online with no download: Rollercoaster Creator 2 game, a fun Flash rollercoaster drawing game/ building construction exercise for kids (boys & girls) to play now online. Cool design games, innovative, new creative thinking/ brain games for middle/ high school students.
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Play Rollercoaster Drawing Game - Rollercoaster Creator 2

Rating: 8.1/10 - 3042 votes

Exercise your creative engineering skills, talent for physics-based problem solving, and flair for the spectacular as you create your very own awesome rollercoaster tracks! Rollercoaster Creator 2 is a highly-interactive, theme park construction game and physics-based puzzler (with fun sound effects) for older kids and teens where you must design working rollercoasters in each level. Your ride creations must follow a certain path to collect a set number of green crystal gems, and deliver your fun-loving patrons safely to the end of the ride, especially after some interested and wacky features!

Reasons to play this challenging, virtual building activity: Stimulate your creative engineering side, analytical thinking and strategy skills as you attempt to create fully operational rollercoaster rides with deft use of your computer mouse.

Strategy to win: Each level features a unique set of construction-based tasks. Drawing with your computer mouse is a key part of the game, so you definitely need a steady drawing hand, accurate mouse-control coordination, and a cool head to complete each challenge. A willingness for and acceptance of trial and error is also essential – You won't build a top quality rollercoaster on the first attempt each time – So learning from past mistakes is key to your success here. You must identify the areas of your coaster that need altering, and tweak your building work accordingly. Happy rollercoaster creation!

How to Play: A Flash-based theme park construction game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). When the game loads, click on the brown ‘Start Game’ button to begin. In each of the 30 increasingly-difficult levels, your goal is to build a rollercoaster that transports the riders from the start point to the Checkered Flag, while picking up a target number of green crystal gemstones along the way. The minimum number of gems you must collect is indicated by the Silver Star at the top of the game screen.

You can build your ride by ‘drawing’ the rollercoaster using your computer mouse or touchpad. You have a list of editing tools on the left hand side of the game screen: Line, Freehand, Erase, Undo, and Clear All:

  • Line: Draws a straight line of track. Click and drag across the game screen to draw.
  • Freehand: A freehand track drawing tool. Click and drag to draw.
  • Erase: Click on any existing track pieces to erase them from the game screen.
  • Undo: Undo / remove your last performed action.
  • Clear All: Completely remove all track drawings and go back to the start.

Set the rollercoaster in motion by clicking on the green ‘Play’ arrow in the top left corner of the game screen. If the riders safely reach the Checkered Flag having collected at least the minimum number of green gems, you progress to the next level. However, if your cart breaks down, falls off the track, or fails to reach the Checkered Flag, you must go back and edit your track.

In later levels, there are set pieces of track that you can add to the game screen. These include loops, steep climbing mechanisms, steep drops, accelerators, and more. These items are indicated in the area at the bottom of the game screen. Click and drag them onto the main track building area to add them into the rollercoaster.

If this Flash-based game no longer works on IE11 on your PC / MAC, try playing on Chrome or Firefox browser.

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This game is Flash-based, and it appears that your browser does not support Flash Player. This game can be played after installing a web browser with Flash support, and can be played on most desktop browsers without any further installing.

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  3. Refresh this page.
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