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Free Solitaire Game to Play Online - Crazy Quilt Solitaire

Rating: 9.3/10 - 855 votes

Crazy Quilt Solitaire is a quirky card game that requires a skillful blend of strategy and memory, and provides hours of colorful confusion and fun! The aim is to get the cards onto the Home Piles in the correct order. It’s a 2-deck solitaire game with an entertaining game screen and FULL in-game support, so you’ve no excuse for bad performance! This fun and unusual version of Solitaire is perfect for anyone – from Solitaire fresher to rocket scientist! Try your hand at these cards; see how many you can handle! Good luck!

How To Play: There are three levels to choose from: Beginner (Three Deck Loops), Regular (Two Deck Loops), and Expert (One Deck Loop). You can also see a range of stats & scores that helps you monitor your progress. Use your computer mouse to Click & Drag the cards from the “Quilt” onto the “Home Piles” – in the right hand side of the game screen. There needs to be four suits counting up (Ace-To-King) and four suits counting down (King-To-Ace). You can only move the cards in the Quilt that have a short edge free (at least one of the short sides not touching another card).

Hint: Use the Waste Pile (in the top right of the game screen) to help free up those tricky inner cards! You can move cards directly from the Waste Pile to the correct Home Pile. You can move cards from the Quilt onto the Waste Pile but they must be the same suit and one higher or lower in value than the top card. If there are no more available cards to move, you can click on “Deck” (in the top right of the game screen) to deal a new card. If you get stuck at any stage you can use the “Hint” button at the top of the game screen. You can also undo actions by clicking on “Undo” in the top of the game screen. These actions, however, will cost you points.

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