Fast car games free online for kids to play now, with no download: Crazy driving & racing game for PC, Mac, Ipad, tablet - Red Driver is a police chase-style game for older kids/ teen boys & girls. 3D car games, flash action games, cool new driving simulation games, awesome racing games online.
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Fast Car Getaway Game - Red Driver

Rating: 8.3/10 - 1131 votes

Being a top-notch getaway driver isn’t just about driving fast and evading capture. You have to be cool, calm, and collected behind the wheel. An expert getaway driver will keep his/her head while everybody else is losing their nerve. He or she has to ooze confidence, be unflappable under pressure… oh, and a slick-looking jacket wouldn’t go amiss either! Red Driver is an adrenaline-pumping driving game for older kids where you play the role of a professional getaway driver on the run from the law. Dodge and weave your high-speed, gas-guzzling sports car through both oncoming and following traffic in a mad dash to escape the clutches of pursuing police. The margin of error is zero; if you come into contact with another vehicle at such speed, you are simply toast!

This straight-forward yet exhilarating driving challenge is all about judging the correct moment to weave in and out of the "innocent" cars on the road. They are traveling along at a snail’s pace compared to your vehicle, which may as well be rocket-fueled - such is the blistering pace that it sets on the 4-lane highway. A steady hand, really good observation skills, and an ability to react quickly are all extremely important attributes if you want to survive this wild ride. It’s time to zip up that awesome leather jacket, pull on your driving gloves, and zoom off into the night!

How to Play: After you click ‘Start’ on the main menu screen, the crazy action begins instantaneously. Your red sports car accelerates automatically at a high speed, and you "simply" have to move from left to right across the game screen, avoiding all other cars on the road (Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your wheels). Naturally, it is easier to remain in the right hand lanes of the highway, as you can anticipate moving in between the cars that are going in the same direction as your car. However, you do have to move into the oncoming lanes on numerous occasions.

Your score in the top right corner of the game screen increases rapidly as you progress. Along the left of the game screen, a white ‘Distance Bar’ slowly inches up the screen. To complete the game, avoid crashing until the Distance Bar has reached all the way to the top of the game screen. If you come into contact with any of the other cars on the road, you become involved in a massive collision, and it's curtains! Click ‘Play Again’ to restart the game, and keep trying to better your score each time.

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