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Free Online Duo Game & Adventure Puzzle - Max and Mink

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Playable on PC with keyboard or with Android tablet plus keyboard, Max and Mink is a challenging, "run and jump", teamwork and platform-based adventure game for one or two players! Centering around 2 animal characters, this fun action game requires you to guide Max (a cute squirrel-like creature) through a series of 28 tricky, obstacle-filled levels! 

Help Max to reach the Exit Door with the help of her good friend Mink (a malleable wolf-like companion who acts as a sort of moving platform and bridge tool all in one) while also collecting three elusive mushrooms that are needed to help cure a sick friend of Max's.  Control both characters simultaneously as a 1-player adventure puzzle, or enlist the teamwork of a best friend, brother, sister or other family member to control one of the characters, and form a dynamic duo of your own!

Skills required: This fun, ledge and platform skill game for kids & teens requires good hand-eye coordination, sharp concentration and reflexes, and the dogged determination to go out to win no matter what you encounter. Alert analytical thinking and creative engineering skills are also needed as you try to maneuver Mink into advantageous positions so that Max can use him as an extra platform, bridge, and pushing device! Great problem solving teamwork is the key component here for success, as you use the individual attributes of both characters to advance toward your ultimate goal of guiding Max safely to the Exit!

How to Play: A HTML5-based, platform action and puzzle game for Android tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). There are 25 ‘Normal’ levels, and 3 bonus ‘Mushroom’ levels. In each of the 25 normal levels for 1 or 2 players, your task is to get Max to the wooden Exit Door. The Mushroom levels are very similar but your task is to collect the red and white mushroom at the end of the level.

Control Max (the small furry squirrel-like character) with the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Max can jump quite high but needs the help of Mink to reach the Exit Doors. Mink is a long, slinky wolf / rodent character who can float, and stretch out to form a horizontal bridge or extra platform for Max to jump onto. Control Mink with the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard. If Max falls into the abyss at the bottom of the play area, you must re-play the level. Enjoy the teamwork challenge!

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