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Car Parking Game - Multi Levels Car Parking

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It's valet Bootcamp for you in Multi Levels Car Parking Game, an exciting and merciless parking simulator game. Work your way through 11 different levels, each outfitted with different layouts and obstacles. Get each car through sharp corners and tiny passages, making sure not to hit anything! A great degree of precision and fine motor control is required as you test yourself in Multi Levels Cark Parking.

How to Play: The objective is simple; get the car from point A through to point B. The catch? Do not let the car get hit even once; you are the valet and as such need to ensure that none of the cars gets anything close to a scratch.

A piece of advice; the cars are extremely sensitive when it comes to accelerating, hold it down for slightly too long and you will crash. You need to practice short, controlled bursts to get the car safely through.

Multi Levels Car Parking Game is, unfortunately, only compatible with desktop browsers. Wouldn't make sense anyway to practice your parking while on your phone.

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