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Fun Truck Driving Game to Play - Mad Trucker

Rating: 8.3/10 - 4450 votes

Welcome to the world of hardcore trucking! Mad Trucker is a fast-paced driving game where speed, skill and destruction rule. However, this is no ordinary driving game. There’s a real story behind it. It’s also a race against time and all kinds of obstacles, meaning hours of fun-filled speed and destruction. Your uncle's old friend gives you a job to deliver a cargo (truck load) of green groceries to the next town. It is not too far but you have to drive fast - very fast!

Remember, the vegetables could wither, and if they do – they can’t be sold. You don’t want to let your uncle down, do you? Get there before it’s too late! OK so, you have several different levels that all involve getting your cargo to a certain place within a certain time limit, under various different circumstances. How do you get there? Any way you can!

You can either avoid the other cars on the road or just crash into them and blast them off the road, you’re in a truck remember! Just get there on time. Be careful, the body of your truck will suffer every time you hit other cars and it gets weaker with every frontal hit. Going on the side-of-the-road is easy – you’ll avoid more obstacles but go a lot slower. You may run out of time if going too slow. Think you can handle it?

How to Play: Use your computer mouse or keyboard Arrow Keys to drive the truck along the winding road. If the truck runs out of energy, the game is over when you hit the next car. Your truck blinks a couple of times when you have frontal damage to your truck body. There is no damage caused when you hit other cars with your trailer. Keep an eye on the timer and distance meter to see if you still have enough time to drive carefully or if you need to drive like crazy! Do you want to be the KING trucker?

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