Free tower building games for PC, Mac, iPad, tablets, with no download required: Tower building game, 99 Bricks, is a fun block building game & construction puzzle for kids (boys & girls), middle/ high school students, teens to play now. Addicting arcade games, interactive problem solving games/ activities..
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Free Tower Building Arcade Game - 99 Bricks

Rating: 7.7/10 - 758 votes

99 Bricks is a fun and challenging physics-based block building game where you have to carefully construct a large skyscraper tower using 99 descending Tetris-style bricks. Unlike Tetris, where you have to keep the tower as low as possible, here you have to cautiously build your structure up from a solid base, adding the familiar colored bricks in sensible positions along the way. Can you fit all 99 bricks into your cool, custom-made tower? The sky is the limit!

This straight-forward construction activity is based on the law of gravity, so your Tetris tower needs to be well-balanced and supported in order to remain upright. This game should prove a hit with fans of physics and engineering-based games, or anyone who simply likes to play good-old, arcade-style games with building blocks. Happy tower building!

How to Play: The gameplay in 99 Bricks is almost identical to that of Tetris, in that a series of differently-shaped colored blocks descend from the top of the game screen. However, unlike Tetris, you aren’t trying to eliminate these blocks. Instead, you are trying to balance and set them together in order to create as tall of a tower as possible. The blocks automatically fall slowly from the top of the game screen, and once they do, you can use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control them. Hit the Left and Right Arrows to move the descending block across the grid; Hit the Down Arrow to speed up its descent; and hit the Up Arrow to rotate the block clockwise. The trick is to rotate the block into such a position that it slots neatly into the structure without toppling over or leaning to one side. You have to be prudent and practical with your building skills – use the contours of each Tetris block to conveniently slot into each other, creating a more solid structure as you progress.

You can see what the next descending brick will look like in the top right corner of the game screen. Beneath that, you can see how many bricks of the 99 are remaining. If you don’t think a brick is going to fit nicely into your structure, or you simply don’t want to use it, quickly press the "C" key on your keyboard to skip to the next brick. Your High Score is indicated along the left side of your tower. This is the highest point (in virtual meters) that your structure has reached. Along the right of your tower is the current Tower Height. Bear in mind that this could be lower than your High Score, as blocks may have toppled off the top of the structure.

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