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Business Tycoon Real Estate Game - The Constructor

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Get ready for a multi-tasking, business management challenge set in a time long before residential real estate portfolios became trendy and an everyday topic of conversation – the Medieval Era! The Constructor is a tricky online property developer simulation game where you play the role of an old-fashioned construction tycoon, and have to buy, build and sell land and property to make profit. Become the very first real estate magnate of the Middle Ages! You have to reach a number of set targets against the clock using savvy business and construction techniques. Start off as a small time wheeler & dealer, building tiny stone houses in fields, then work your way up to become an enormous, castle-constructing corporate Superstar of the time!

You’ll need to use solid money management skills & canny business acumen in order to succeed in this educational decision-making activity for older kids, teens and college students. Good strategic planning is the key to hitting your targets as you have to choose the best land, workers, materials, and prime medieval real estate. Quick reactions are also important – you have to act according to market trends and make sure you hit your targets before it’s too late! Ok Medieval Money-Making Mega-star, it's time to show off your business dealing skills!

How to Play: Follow the detailed tutorial level at the start of the game to get to grips with the many different controls and aspects. There are two different levels of gameplay – Normal, and Hard. The controls follow a simple, point-and-click method. Your goal is to complete a set of challenging property development ‘Objectives’ before the slowly ticking Pointer reaches the ‘Deadline’ indicated on the right hand side of the game screen. Click on the Star Icon along the bottom of the game area to check your Objectives for each level. These are usually tasks such as “Own 2 types of X house” / “Reach X amount of rental income”, etc.

To build houses, click on the empty plots of land that you own (these are small squares of land with pebbles and stones). A number of options appear along the bottom of the game screen. Click on the ‘Construct House’ icon, then choose the type of house you want to build (you can only build a Gaelic House at first, but you can purchase the Blueprints to other types of houses as you progress). Provided you have sufficient Materials and Workers, the house is built automatically. If you don’t have enough Workers or Materials, click on their Icons along the bottom of the game screen to replenish your stock.

Once a house is built, you can collect Rental income by clicking on the Rent Icon in the bottom left corner. Build and upgrade more houses to increase your Rental income. You can also buy other plots of land if you have sufficient virtual income, the total of which is indicated in the top right corner. If you don’t complete your Objectives within the allotted time, you have to start the level all over again. There are 4 levels in each area.

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