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Mia's Cooking Series: Beef Burritos

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Today, it's your turn to test your virtual cooking skills at mastering this iconic Mexican and Tex-Mex dish in Mia's Cooking Series: Beef Burritos. This is a fun, point-and-click, cooking simulation game for girls and boys where you must select, combine, and cook the ingredients required to rustle up some succulent beef burritos against the clock. Each level acts as an essential step in the dish creation process, and you play the role of the head chef (under pressure)!

This easy-to-play, step-by-step cooking challenge should prove a good, light-hearted activity for budding young chefs and culinary arts enthusiasts out there. As you play against the clock, this game also simulates the pressure of working in a real-life fast food diner or restaurant kitchen. Serious cooks are under constant pressure to produce really tasty, clean food in a speedy fashion – and that's exactly the challenge faced here (Perhaps it will also help you to appreciate more what poor Mom or Dad experiences on a daily basis at home)! Ok Burrito Boss, let's get wrapping some delicious favorites!

How to Play: Once the game loads, click on the pink-colored ‘Start’ icon at the bottom of the game screen to reach the Main Menu screen. From here, click ‘Play Game’ to start the action.

In each level, you must complete the various cooking tasks before the clock timer (at the top of the game screen) runs out. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, follow the recipe guide at the bottom of the game screen. Note that accurate mouse control is very important here as you have to carefully stir pots and slice vegetables with precise movement.

Click on the items indicated by the images, and then click on the suggested outlined area where they should go. You may have to mix ingredients together in a circular motion (indicated by a red arrow). In this instance; Left Click, hold, and move your mouse in the direction suggested by the arrow.

There are 4 levels in total: In Level 1, you must mix the meat and stock water together. In Level 2, you add various herbs and spices while cooking the meat. In Level 3, you must heat up your tortilla wraps. Finally, in Level 4, you chop up vegetables, and build your burrito! The faster you complete each level, the higher your score at the end of the game. Enjoy the busy kitchen work with your friends and family members!

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