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Free Interactive Cooking Game for Kids - Chicken Teriyaki Recipe

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Spice up your cooking skills with a trip to the Orient – and learn how to make one of Japan’s most beloved dishes. Chicken Teriyaki Recipe is an interactive cooking simulation game for young kids, where you have to whip up a delicious chicken-based East Asian dish by following a set of step-by-step mouse-clicking instructions. Teriyaki is an ancient cooking technique that originated in Japan where the chef (that’s you) broils the meat, and then bastes it in a delicious marinade sauce made up of classic Japanese ingredients such as Mirin (a type of rice wine), soy sauce, and sugar.

This easy to play, point-and-click activity teaches basic and essential cooking skills like seasoning, using fresh ingredients, trying out exotic new dishes, and more. It could be a good exercise for any culinary prodigies out there, and all young ‘foodies’ who like to enhance their cooking knowledge with fun and flavorsome new recipes. As a Japanese chef might say – ‘douzo meshiagare’ (enjoy your meal).

How to Play: The controls follow a simple, point-and-click method using your computer mouse or touchpad. As the game is set in a stunning Oriental landscape, you may as well cook outdoors, and enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding countryside! This means that you have to follow the Pink Arrow, and go into the Pantry indoors each time you need new ingredients. Once you click on the Pink Arrow and are transported to the Pantry, the various ingredients are set out in a circle around the game screen. The Pink Arrow becomes a Hand-shaped Pointer, directs you to the ingredients needed in each step. Once all ingredients for that step are collected, the Pink Arrow directs you back out to your cooking work top.

Keep following the instructions of both the Arrow and the Hand Pointer, step-by-step, to create the mouthwatering dish. Steps include making the teriyaki marinade, seasoning the chicken and vegetables, broiling the ingredients, and finally plating the food onto a cool dish. Make sure to show off your completed creation to your envious friends and family. Happy cooking!

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