Free theme park game online for kids to play without download: Cyclomaniacs 2 game is an awesome theme park-based push bike stunt and racing RPG adventure for kids (girls/ boys). Free BMX games, bicycle riding games for PC, Mac, funny flash action games, cool new 3D dirt bike games for teens.
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Fun Bicycle Race Theme Park Game - Cyclomaniacs 2

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Calling all push bike aficionados – get ready for another completely wacky bike racing adventure in the Cyclomaniacs series, this time featuring over 40 eccentric characters set in a wild and wonderful cycle theme park! Cyclomaniacs 2 is an awesome fun and fast-paced bicycle racing game where you can control one of a host of zany characters on an cool, boost-able pedal bike. Somersault your way through over 15 different circuits in a madcap theme park that provides a real test of your bike riding skills! Unlock all kinds of ridiculous riders such as a penguin, a skeleton, a Viking, a pirate, a Ninja, and even the King himself - Elvis!

This intense stunt biking extravaganza rewards those who have a taste for the spectacular! Unlock eccentric new races and riders by performing as many epic bike stunts and amazing flips as you can in each 10-rider race. Utilize your fast fingers and reactions as you get to grips with the challenging and very hilly tracks. Can you race your way through the theme park, and find the Villain’s Lair? Better put on your helmet, Speedster – it’s going to be a bumpy ride! Enjoy a good laugh along the way!

How to Play: In each race, you have to complete the challenges set out in order to progress to the next level. This could mean finishing as high as you can in the standings, or even performing a certain number of backward somersaults! The challenges are different for each theme park-based race. You begin the game with just the Cyclo King (aka Elvis) unlocked, and have to unlock other riders by completing the various stunt-based challenges.

Use the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard to handle your bike. Up Arrow = Accelerate; Down Arrow = Brake; Left Arrow = Lean Back; Right Arrow = Lean Forward. Hit the X Key or Spacebar to perform a little bunny hop into the air. Performing intense stunts such as wheelies, flips and somersaults not only looks amazing, it also increases your ‘Stunt Meter’. Once this reaches its maximum, you get an awesome burst of speed fueled by fire! That’s why it pays off to perform stunts – the boost you receive shoots you up the standings. As well as unlocking new races and riders, good performances earns you virtual income which can be used to purchase bike upgrades in the main ‘Office’ area after each race. Keep unlocking races and riders until you reach the Villain’s Lair – the ultimate challenge for any would-be bike riding champion!

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