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Bedroom Decorating Game Online - Kids Room Decoration

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Fancy yourself as a creative interior designer and decorator with a keen eye for specific details? Ever wanted to decorate a bedroom with cool new toys and furniture? Well, now you can - with Kids Room Decoration, a fun and interactive virtual bedroom decorating game for kids that tests your observation skills, visual memory and interior design skills. All you have to do is to figure out the correct spot to place each item of furniture to ensure you ‘deck out’ (design) this bedroom just the way the child who sleeps in this room likes it! This straight-forward, colorful point-and-click online activity should be ideal for kids who enjoy decorating games, or those who like to keep their bedrooms neat and tidy. Ok Master Decorator, it’s time to show us your ability to follow the floor plans! Happy playing!

How to Play: At the start, you are given a screenshot image (on the main menu screen) of the required design of the bedroom that you are decorating. Then when the game begins, you have a bare room with nothing in it, and you must carefully place each toy, accessory, and furniture item one-by-one exactly in the correct position to succeed in the game. Common sense and a good memory are the keys to success here, (a lamp hardly belongs on the roof, does it?) so choosing the obvious spots for each item speeds up the interior design process.

Use your computer mouse or touchpad to place the bedroom items & decorations. Once an item automatically appears, Left Click and drag it into the appropriate position. If you are correct, the item locks into place once you release the click, and the next item appears. You begin with larger pieces of furniture, such as the closet, desk, and bed. You can tell pretty easily by the shape of the room where these items go. As you progress, smaller items such as toys, books, and lamps are more difficult to place. If you place an item in the wrong position, nothing happens - and you have to try a different spot.

At the top of the game screen, the Hint (Eye) Icon is an important tool. Click and hold on the Eye to very quickly get a completed view of the bedroom. Try to remember the exact positioning of as many items as you can. However, you can only use the Hint Button 5 times, so use it wisely. Test your memory skills as much as possible!

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