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Online Car Drifting Game - Drivin’ Donuts

Rating: 6.7/10 - 5533 votes

Drivin’ Donuts is a nutty car drift-driving game where you have to skillfully spin your car tires in order to leave circular (donut-shaped) skids inside the circles marked on the ground. You need to do this as fast as you can before time runs out! It can be excruciatingly tricky to begin with, as your car can easily spin out of control, but once you get the hang of it, you’re well on your way to becoming the Donut-Driving Master! This fun game requires crazy quick fingers and the drift driving skills of a pro (These cars move fast). OK Skid-Kid, let’s burn some rubber!

How To Play: You have a selection of cars to use to begin with, and more that can be unlocked as you progress and complete levels. Click on your preferred car with your computer mouse. Use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard to drive the car (UP) Forward, (LEFT) Steer Left, (RIGHT) Steer Right. Remember, there is no Reverse! To complete each level, you need to make a linked donut-shaped circle within the white dotted lines. Keep an eye on the clock because once it reaches zero, it’s game over! You have 13 head-spinning levels to skid your way through! Try and hit the line target and other objects (men and dogs for example) for bonus points. Avoid explosives and other cars and stay away from the walls. It’s easy to get stuck at a wall, as there’s no reverse gear.

If you see your donut is off the dotted circle – don’t move far away to adjust your position. Simply release the steering button for a very brief moment (whichever you are holding now – the Left or Right arrow key) – and press it again. Your car will shift and the donut will move. To move your donut left – release your steering when the car is about to go left on the circle. That way you can position your donut within a circle more easily. Tip: If you don’t make the donut loop on the first pass, keep circling and it might connect.

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