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3D Driving / Destruction Game - Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn

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Prepare to cut loose and blow off some steam as you embark on a wildly-enjoyable car smashing rampage across a free-roam city landscape! Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn is an intense, crazy, high-speed ‘destruction driving’ game for older kids / teens where you literally have to wreak as much havoc as possible by crashing, smashing, and bashing into specific cars, vans, trucks, amenities, and buildings.

Set in an awesome 3D free-roam city setting, you are given the keys to a set of unbelievably destructive vehicles which, as well as having awesome speed, also feature rocket-propelled missile launchers! Your mission is simple: Search and Destroy!

This action-packed, manic car and truck-driving challenge relieves you from the often stifling oppression of racing rules & lap times, and allows you to freely drive through the city streets - causing complete and utter carnage at will! Good keyboard tapping skills are important as you try to keep control of your super-powered vehicle. Observation skills and strategy are also essential as you often have to seek out specific types of vehicles to eliminate. Ok then, let’s see if you're up for some madcap mayhem! Just remember to keep it virtual; don’t try this at home!

How to Play: This game requires Unity Web Player to play, and may take longer to load than other driving simulation games on this site (depending on the speed of your computer / internet connection). Your objective in each level (Mission) is to eliminate a set number of specific target vehicles or amenities. For example, your mission may be to destroy ’15 delivery trucks’, or ‘20 vending machines’.

A photo of your target is displayed on the left side of the game screen in order to help you identify it. You can also locate targets via the mini-map in the top right corner (Targets appear as large red dots on the map). Once you have eliminated the set number of targets, you progress to the next mission.

Control your vehicle using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard: Up Arrow = Accelerate; Down Arrow = Brake & Reverse; Left & Right Arrows = Steer. Press the Z Key to launch missiles, and the X Key to initiate your Nitro Speed Boost.

Between each level, you can use virtual funds earned to upgrade your vehicle, and add cool features to it such as jumping abilities, double damage, better handling, and more. You can also purchase brand new vehicles once you have reached certain ‘Achievement Levels’. There are 6 different vehicles to unlock – from small sports car all the way up to an 18-wheel battering ram of a truck!

You do not have a ‘Health Bar’ but any damage is visible on your car’s exterior. If your vehicle becomes overly damaged, it blows up, and you re-spawn at the beginning of that level (Your progress is saved, and you do not lose any previous eliminations).

Tip: Although you are looking to eliminate specific vehicles in each level, don’t be afraid to obliterate anything you like! You earn special bonuses for going on destructive ‘rampages’. Enjoy the wild ride!

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