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Engineering Puzzle Online - Underwater: Curse of the Golden City

Rating: 7.6/10 - 347 votes

Here comes the flood!  Underwater: Curse of the Golden City is a challenging physics-based puzzle game where in every level, your mission is to save all of the characters from drowning. In this rescue game, you must become the hero of the day and strategically place stones, lifebuoys (life preservers) and other objects to help push aside obstacles and free up pathways so that each character can float to safety and escape the oncoming flood. Once you have placed all of your objects in each level, the water rises rapidly.  If you have not put the objects in the correct place, the characters are trapped underwater and you must try again (replay the level). 

This survival-based game should help to exercise your creative engineering skills and your spatial awareness. There is a lot of potential trial and error required in this game. However, this educational activity also teaches you the importance of finding the solution to a problem first time around and acting under pressure. Now, load up those lifebuoys and let’s save these guys!

How to Play: At the start of each level, the objects available to you are displayed in the top left corner of the game screen.  They are usually blocks, round rocks and lifebuoys.  Using your computer mouse, Left click where you want to place each object.  The moment you place your last object on the screen, the water quickly floods in and rises.  Your buddies are good swimmers, so they will rise up to the surface with the water as long as they are not obstructed and kept down by heavy logs or stones.  Make sure the objects you have placed push aside these logs and stones to create a channel for your friends to make it to the surface.  But be careful and precise, because they can only hold their breath for 30 seconds once the water comes in; Try to position your objects so that the guys make it to the surface as quickly as possible. Remember, you have to save every character on each level to progress. OK, let's get problem solving!

Tip: The objects you place on screen can also be used to push your buddies in different directions. For example, if you place a lifebuoy underneath one of the characters, it will help push him upward towards the surface when the water rises.

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