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Free Physics Game to Play Online - Imperfect Balance

Rating: 7.1/10 - 320 votes

Imperfect Balance is the complete opposite to the Perfect Balance game. Also, it may initially look like a much simpler task. For example, what could be easier than putting everything the wrong way so to make it fall down?  In fact, this is just a first impression. This addicting physics-based game, at times, is even more complicated when compared to its predecessor – Perfect Balance. The problem is to make all pieces and shapes fall (without leaving any standing). And when most of the pieces fall down easily, others get stuck for good, leaving you with a poor score.

You have to use limited geometrical figures (balls, squares, triangles, lines and some “force” objects) in a certain order and position in order to to make each and every piece/shape fall down through the force of the gravity. Your knowledge of geometry and physics finally can be used in practice – just by playing this game. Test yourself!

How to Play:  Use the available pieces at the top of the game screen to help knock all of the standing pieces in the main game area. The fun part of this game is that you can place these "destructing pieces" randomly wherever you think is a good spot (hit). Since this game is completely opposite of the Perfect Balance game, your main concern is to push every standing piece out of its position and to knock them all down.

Plan your moves ahead, as playing quickly may leave some piece stuck and unmovable and that means no pass or very few points earned. Pieces that are placed cannot be moved or removed. Tip: Try to locate an object for your first piece as close to the bottom or top as possible. A piece must fall down in order to be removed. Although you can advance to the next level even if you fail the current level – it makes it harder for you to play at a higher level without proper experience.

The objects and shapes to place are located at the top of the screen and can be picked up with your computer mouse left button. Simply click on a shape or piece to pick it up. You can put it back if you see that another figure is more suitable. To put the object back, simply left click on your mouse again. Choose the position of your piece, rotate it clockwise or counter clockwise by pressing the A or D key on your computer keyboard or using the scroll button on your mouse.

Once the piece is in place, left click your mouse again and the piece will be released. The piece must fit the spot you are trying to place it. Objects with an arrow on them move in the direction that the arrow on them is pointing to, and do not stop unless they encounter something on their way. 

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