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Play Fun Typing Game Online - Word Mountain

Rating: 6.5/10 - 1070 votes

Ever wanted to learn how to improve your typing ability while having fun too? Well now you can! Word Mountain is a fast-paced and innovative typing game for kids and teens where you compete against an opponent to reach the top of a mountain by typing words as quickly as possible!  Practice your super-fast typing skills, and literally type your way to the top! At the beginning of each level, you start at the bottom of a mountain as a cute bird character, climbing up and up every time you correctly type in a word.  But be careful, because your opponent is trying to beat you to the top.  Use special power-ups to slow him down and speed yourself up. 

As you progress through the levels, the words that you have to type become longer and more complicated.  This game will definitely help to improve your typing skills as well as to develop good hand-eye coordination.  It should also help improve your spelling as you can only jump up the mountain if you spell the word on the screen correctly. And, it's also a lot of fun, so get those fingers working Type Master!

How to Play: There are four difficulty levels in this game – Easy, Medium, Hard and Crazy. At the start of each level, your little birdie is at the bottom of a mountain.  To get up the mountain, type the word that appears in the center of the game screen using your computer keyboard.  Once you type in the word correctly, you take a step up the mountain and a new word appears. You only have a certain number of seconds to type in the word and the amount of seconds depends on the difficulty level.  In Easy - you have 8 seconds, in Medium - you have 5 seconds, in Hard - you have 3 seconds, and in Crazy  - you only have 2 seconds to type in the word before time runs out!  If the clock runs out before you completely type in a word, you slide down a spot on the mountain.

Keep typing the words as quickly as possible until you reach the summit (top). Don’t forget that your opponent (on the opposite side of the mountain) is also trying to get to the top; You can see his progress (the red dot) on the map on the top left of the game screen.  Your opponent is also pretty cheeky, he throws bombs at you to try and put you off!

Tip: Use special power-ups to help you on your way to typing glory.  You can slow down and stop your opponent using these power-ups.  The two icons in the bottom left of your game screen indicate how many power-ups you have.  Hit the 1 key on your keyboard to stop your opponent, and hit the 2 key to slow him down.

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