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Flash Physics-based Game - Screw The Nut 3

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Create chain reactions in this difficult physics-based brain teaser puzzle. Screw The Nut 3 is a wonderful example of a visual and interactive skill-based game where you have to carefully study the environment in each level, and then find an innovative solution by uniting two pieces of normal, everyday hardware (a hexagonal nut and a bolt). You must use your creative engineering skills to remove blocks, manipulate objects, and generally alter the game environment to your advantage (hopefully!).

Unlike previous versions of Screw The Nut, this Flash game takes place underwater – which means that you can also enlist the support of an array of fun-loving sea creatures to help you toward your goal of joining the nut and bolt together. Screw The Nut 3 requires concentration, logical thinking, determined problem solving skills, the ability to predict the movement and reactions of various items, and the willingness to learn by trial and error. The underwater environment adds a challenging gravity-based element to the mix as you take the floating nature of various objects into account. Right then – It’s time to crack this particular nut for good!

How to Play: In each of the 30 progressively challenging levels, your goal is to bring the hexagonal nut and the bolt together by carefully and methodically removing objects and altering the game zone. At the beginning of each level, the nut is usually separated from the bolt by some distance, with a number of removable objects, blocks, and creatures forming obstacles in between.

Light-blue, glass-based blocks can be removed from the game screen by clicking on them using your computer mouse or touchpad. This then hopefully creates a chain reaction whereby gravity takes hold of the "freed" nut, and channels it toward the bolt (Note that the placement of the stars in each level in very important and should be used as a guide). Other elements such as fish, springy squid, and floating buoys can be used to help propel the nut toward the bolt.

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