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Free Horse Jumping Game - Jumporama 2: Cross Country

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So you’ve mastered the basic show jumping hurdles in the original Jumporama game, and now you’re ready to challenge yourself and your loyal horse at the more dangerous cross-country showjumping? Alright then Mate, welcome to Jumporama 2: Cross Country, a fun and highly challenging equestrian game for kids where you have to reply on your deft horse-riding skills over a series of cross-country showjumping courses. In this cool sequel, you play the role of the equestrian horse-rider, and you have to successfully complete each course by jumping over fences and obstacles of all different shapes and sizes.

This game is all about timing your approach and jump! You really have to time your jumps to perfection, as one wrong step can send your horse-rider hurtling face-first onto the ground, and trust me, that can hurt real bad – ouch! Carefully control the speed of your horse, from a trot to a gallop depending on how close the fences and obstacles are to each other. Strike up a good relationship between animal and rider to ensure a smooth ride – with as few stumbles as possible! You’ll also need quick reactions to succeed here, as the fences come at you one after the other in quick succession. Jumping too soon or too late can result in disaster!

Can you be gentle enough to coax your horse to the fences, then strong enough to ensure it powers over and clears them? It’s time to strap on your helmet, get in the saddle – and go for gold! You have an English riding instructor for company throughout the game, but can you follow his strong London accent and advice?

How to Play: In each level, you have to get horse and rider to the finish line without losing all of your lives by hitting fences and obstacles (throwing the rider out of the saddle.) Your horse runs along automatically, and you can use the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to increase / decrease the pace at which it goes. As he reaches the fences, press Spacebar to jump over and clear them. If you jump too soon or too late, the rider falls off the horse, and you lose a life (the highlighted Horse Icons along the bottom of the game screen indicate how many lives you have remaining). If you lose all of your lives, it’s game over and you have to start again from the beginning. The levels increase in difficulty, with higher fences and closer jumps as you progress. For higher or wider fences and obstacles, your horse needs to be moving at a fast gallop to clear them. For fences that are closer together – your horse needs to be moving slower to give itself time to jump one after the other in quick succession. Good luck!

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