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USA Geography Map Game - USA 50 States

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Are you an expert on the geographical layout of the United States of America? If so, now is your opportunity to impress your school friends and family members with your knowledge. USA 50 States is a fun, interactive and highly educational US geography game and picture puzzle for elementary school and middle school age students where you have to click and drag each of the 50 individual states into its correct position on the map of the United States. Beginning with a totally empty map, you have to slowly fill in the vast area, state-by-state, until the map is complete!

This surprisingly-challenging and informative mouse-clicking game could be a good activity for little children learning about the state geography of the US, or anyone interested in the various state borders, shapes and sizes. It could also be used as an online activity to help to exercise / improve memory skills and cognitive ability (If a child places a state in an incorrect position on his/her first attempt, he/she can strive to remember its position in future plays)!

How to Play: Your ultimate objective is to fill the map with outlines of all 50 U.S. states, and to minimize the amount (and scale) of your positioning errors as you play again. The state outlines appear randomly at the top of the game screen, and you have to click on and drag them down into their exact position on the main map. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the white state outline at the top of the play area, and release the click in (what you think is) the correct position on the map.

If you correctly guess the actual location of a state, it snaps into position. However, if you are incorrect, you get penalized depending on how far out (in miles) your placement was. A red marker appears in the exact location where the state should be placed. Simply click and drag the state outline onto that red marker. Each time you make an error, your ‘Average Error’ score in the top right corner fluctuates, depending on the distance (in miles) from your original placing to the actual state location. At the end of the game, your aim is to have as low an ‘average error’ as possible. You are shown your ‘Perfect Score’ percentage (how many you got right first time), your Average Error, and the amount of time it took to complete the puzzle.

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