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Fun Find the Objects Game - The Scruffs

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Meet the Scruffs – an incredibly untidy family with a ridiculously cluttered house! When hapless Edward Scruff loses his job, he decides to sell the family home. However, old Grandpa Scruff has a plan – there’s hidden treasure in the house – but he needs your eagle-eyed sleuthing skills to find it! The Scruffs is a fun and eccentric hidden objects game for kids where you have to find a bunch of random items from each messy room in the Scruff’s house. Spot the objects, and decipher the subsequent clues to find the prized treasure in a race against the clock. Who knows – you might even discover some cool mini games among all of the mess!

This funny, tricky and unusual detective-style adventure game features an all-star cast of quirky English characters – the Scruffs are certainly not your average family! You’ll need a sharp eye, good concentration and observation skills, and great patience in order to find the elusive items in each amazingly messy level. Exercise your keen eye, and release your inner sleuth as you meticulously comb each room for the lost objects that are essential to finding Grandpa’s treasure. Are you up to the task, Sherlock? It's time to dust down your magnifying glass! Happy object hunting, and good luck!

How to Play: In each difficult level, you have to find all of the hidden objects on Grandpa’s List to progress. These can be random items such as baseballs, envelopes, sneakers, photos – you name it, they are scattered around this house. When you think you’ve found an item from the List (indicated on the right hand side of the game screen), Left Click on it using your computer mouse or touchpad. If you’re correct, that object disappears from the List. If you are incorrect, nothing happens. Find everything on the List before the clock in the top right corner of the game screen runs out.

If you are struggling to find an object, seek help from Scruffy the Dog in the bottom right corner. Once you feed him a bone by clicking on him, one of the items on the list turns red. Move your mouse around the game screen, and Scruffy barks louder and more excitedly as you get closer to the red item on the list. You can only use Scruffy 3 times before you run out of food - and he then has no further reason to help you!

After you complete each level, you have to piece together an old photo which reveals a little more about the location of the treasure. You can see a faint outline of the photo, and have to click and drag the missing pieces into place from the bottom of the game screen. The missing pieces snap into place when you put them in the correct position on the photo canvas. There are also mini-games such as the Scribble game, which one of the Scruff family invites you to play when you find a family photo. In this turn-based mini game – the Scruff Boy makes a small, difficult-to-spot scribble on a photo – and you have to identify where he scribbled by clicking on on that photo.

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