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Hard to Spot the Difference Game - Errors of Reflection: Innercity Life

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Errors of Reflection: Innercity Life is a challenging online spot-a-difference puzzle game for older kids & teens where you have to figure out the various little differences between an image and its reflection (which is almost identical). Journey through a mysterious city, and try your best to solve split-screen puzzles that have tiny – and easily-missed – differences between the two pictures. Although the pictures are mirrored, the differences between the two are so miniscule that your eyes are not trained to spot them!

Meticulously study each image, and try to find the solution of what is missing, or different, from the opposite side. This clever brain-teaser will really test your observation skills, as there are such minimal differences between the two images. Your concentration skills will also be exercised, as it’s so easy for your eyes to pass over the teeny-weeny discrepancies between the pictures. Are you ready to switch on your Problem Solving Radar and spot those tricky mirrored differences? If so, you can look yourself in the mirror and say “I am the Puzzle Master!”

How to Play: In each increasingly difficult level, you are shown two images on a split-screen. The images are almost the exact mirror image of each other but for some minute differences. Somewhere in the right side image, there are 6 small differences that you have to find. Scroll around the left hand image using your computer mouse or touchpad (you’ll see the mirror of your mouse cursor in the right hand image). If you spot a difference between the two, Left Click on the exact area on the left hand picture. The difference on the right hand side will disappear, and the Number of Differences Counter in the center of the game screen will decrease by one. Once you find all 6 differences, click on the Counter area in the center to progress to the next picture puzzle. If you get stuck at any stage, click the Counter, then the Question Mark (?) to receive a hint.

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